Build your Leadership Skills: Get involved with clubs at John Cabot University

Anyone intent on pursuing a rewarding career should strive to continuously improve their leadership skills. Being able to delegate tasks, knowing how to communicate honestly and effectively, being able to plan projects and being able to work with a team are just some of the essential skills for running your own business or assuming a management role.

By getting involved with clubs and activities at John Cabot University, you can not only work towards strengthening your skills in these areas, but actually have fun doing it. Here are some of the great clubs that John Cabot University has to offer and the  great skills they’ll help you build.

LGBT-Straight Alliance Group

The LGBT-Straight Alliance Group at John Cabot University was founded on the principles of inclusion, acceptance and understanding. It’s a group where students, whether they be straight, gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgendered or any other identifier, can come to talk about social issues and collaborate in a safe and non-judgmental space. The goal of the LGBT-Straight Alliance Group is to “foster a supportive academic, professional, and personal, environment” for international students in Italy who have chosen to study abroad in Rome at John Cabot University. By joining, you’ll learn valuable skills like acceptance, communication, and a deep level of understanding about perceived differences and inequalities.

The Matthew

John Cabot University’s flagship publication, the Matthew, is the student newspaper and is published both in print and online. By working with the editorial staff you’ll learn great skills, such as adhering to deadlines, working under pressure and doing independent research. If you choose to rise to the ranks of a section editor or managing editor, you’ll learn how to delegate tasks, plan projects, manage a content calendar and much more. Not only will you be writing about things that move you, but you’ll be learning valuable and extremely employable skills – plus journalism looks great on a resume!

The Investment Club

The Investment Club at John Cabot University serves to help students gain practical skills and fundamental knowledge in the area of financial investment. Their mission is to “provide John Cabot students a bridge between the theory of business, economics, and finance, and the real world of investing and trading.” This is done through organized trips to financial centers, weekly meetings that focus on investment strategy and financial knowledge, and through intergroup discussions. Students will develop an excellent handle on the ins and outs of business finances, as well as accounting, stock trading and much more.

The Women’s Leadership Initiative

The WLI is based on three important principles: 1.Encouraging and supporting fellow members in future goals and aspirations; 2.Engaging through  hands-on involvement in career, educational, and leadership progression; and 3.Empowering confidence in a constructive environment around developing professionals.

No matter which of the clubs at John Cabot University you choose to join, you can expect a safe and welcoming attitude and an opportunity to grow and learn with your fellow peers. Check out the clubs and organizations page for more information on these and many other clubs that we offer, with our unique personality as an American university in Rome.

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