Best Bike Rides to Take Around Rome

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Rome is a city with beautiful roads, often dotted with fascinating ancient relics. Many tourists are drawn to the Lungotevere that overlooks the winding Tiber River, or the charming Appia Antica (the ancient Appian Way). These are great paths for both walking and biking, but sometimes it can also be nice to opt for roads a little less traveled.

Choosing to go on a serene bike ride through a local park will help you clear your head and give you a chance to chat with new friends. If you’re looking for a challenge, hit a mountain biking trail and get in your cardio for the day. Activities that immerse you in the beautiful and historical surroundings of Rome and its region are a great way to experience all that life in the Eternal City has to offer.

Parco degli Acquedotti Is a Quiet Oasis to Explore

Parco degli Acquedotti, or Park of the Aqueducts, is aptly named for the huge aqueducts that still run across the park. These ruins are a beautiful sight against the backdrop of the peaceful park, and offer a peek into Rome’s ancient past. The area is protected from developments, a designation that was won by a local movement in 1988.

This park provides beautiful trails for cycling, so you can immerse yourself in landscapes reminiscent of all your favorite Italian countryside paintings. It is located on the outskirts of the city, but easily accessible by public transit. Anyone who has decided to study abroad in Italy will have a lot to reflect on as they bike through the park, from fascinating courses to exciting new experiences. Spending a quiet afternoon in Parco degli Acquedotti can be an excellent way to decompress.

Villa Pamphili Features Three Gorgeous Scenery Options

This park has the distinction of being the largest landscaped public park in the city. Originally, this 1600s villa was owned by the wealthy Pamphilis, a papal family. Now, it is a beautiful place to go for a gentle bike ride, just a 20-minute walk from our campuses.

The historical Villa Doria Pamphili will give you some excellent photo ops to share with family at home

The historical Villa Pamphili will give you some excellent photo ops to share with family at home

This park is divided into three sections, each with its own unique scenery. The first is the pars urbana, featuring manicured gardens and buildings in the villa. The second is the pars fructuaria, which boasts beautiful pine trees in a wooded area—the smell of which will surely calm any nerves you have about school assignments. The third is a section of farmland called the pars rustica.

Looking for a Challenge? Hit Parco del Pineto Sacchetti!

For those of you who love athletics and fitness, mountain biking is a great option. If you’re looking to expel some stress and get your joints in motion after long periods of studying, take a short trip to Parco del Pineto Sacchetti. This park has trails with ups and downs, as well as some routes you can take to avoid anything too dynamic. The beautiful trees and natural brush was once dominated by furnaces and limestone for the construction of St. Peter’s.

Accessible by a 40-minute public transit ride, this is another escape from the heart of the city that may bring you some much-needed headspace as you study abroad in Rome.

Escaping to less urban areas while studying abroad can be calming and show you different perspectives

Escaping to less urban areas while studying abroad can be calming

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