Benefits of Attending a University Open House

Benefits of Attending a University Open House, study abroad in Rome, american universities abroad, choosing a universityNow comes the time of year when professors and universities are preparing to greet a brand new group of students.  The time-honored tradition of a university open house is the first opportunity for both students and professors to make an excellent first impression.  It’s also a great way to get a feel for a campus in ways a virtual tour or website visit can’t quite match. After all, nothing beats really being there, meeting staff and professors, and mixing with other prospective students. And here are a few other benefits of checking out your post-secondary favorites in person:

Get Firsthand Insight into Your New Surroundings

Students who choose to study abroad in Italy are often adventurers, interested in exploring new cultures and ideas.  But landing in an unknown city can be disorienting at first, so it makes sense to visit the campus first, familiarize yourself with the new surroundings, and realize that you’ll be enjoying this exciting experience with other students just like you, from all over the world.

The campus visit grounds students and parents. An open house provides a valuable reference point from which to experience the unique university culture and explore the rich, historically significant streets of Rome.  Having insider knowledge of the city and campus prior to your first semester could also serve as a gateway to meeting your new classmates, and getting a jump start on building new friendships.

Get a Preview of Housing and Student Life

The most significant benefits of an open house relate to discovering campus life prior to living it.  First year students in university, let alone in an American university in Rome, will no doubt experience a new group of people different in many ways from those they encountered in high school.  And let’s not forget that you’ll probably be living with some of these new classmates in a university dorm or residence. So it’s surely advantageous and exciting to get a sneak peek at the living conditions before confirming enrollment.  Plus, you may be shown around by current students – and there’s nothing better than hearing first person testimonials to get an inside view of life on campus.  And who knows? It’s quite possible that you’ll become friends with a current student during an open house who will help guide you in the coming year or semester.

Get to Know Your Professors

It is the individual professors who make courses -and the experience of learning – unique.  Their professional insights and expertise can shape a students’ understanding of new material in a very personal way.  Students who don’t attend open house and orientation events miss out on the opportunity to meet professors and get a first glimpse of their character and communication style.  Let’s say you’ve chosen to study art history in Italy – why not take advantage of open house to introduce yourself to your future art history professor, tour classrooms, and get a first look at the curriculum.

Visiting residences, touring the campus and chatting with professors all help students develop a clearer picture of what life will be like as a university student. It’s well worth your time to book an open house visit today!

What is the main reason you would attend a university open house?

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