Behind the Curtain: The John Cabot Theater Experience

English speaking university in Italy, Behind the Curtain: The John Cabot Theater Experience, study abroad in Rome, Jcu theater clubFor some students, choosing to study abroad in a foreign country will mean leaving behind familiar creative communities at home, such as an art class, a choir, or a theater group. But choosing to study abroad in Rome doesn’t have to mean sacrificing those important connections and creative outlets. John Cabot University is home to a variety of clubs and organizations sure to satisfy anyone who loves to collaborate, create, and perform. Read on to find out what artistic endeavours await JCU students who study abroad in Italy!

The John Cabot Theater Society and Performing Arts Company

If students are looking for theater opportunities right on campus, John Cabot has not one, but two major theater groups. For those who are interested in traditional stage acting, there is the John Cabot Theater Society. By analyzing and performing great theatrical works, participating students gain a greater theoretical understanding of the art and history of theater. In the past, the JCU Theater Society has put on shows such as Some…Noises Off (an adaptation of the Michael Frayn comedy Noises Off) and have even hosted improv nights such as the very special GRIMprov!, held in the spirit of Halloween.

John Cabot’s second performance group, the Performing Arts Company, has a specific focus on musical theater. What’s great about musical theatre is that dancers, singers and actors alike have an opportunity to get involved and shine. And the grand scale of a musical provides plenty of opportunities for behind the scenes work, such as set decoration, painting, prop design, costuming, sound technology and more. Past performances include the ever-popular Into the Woods and Grease.

The English Theatre of Rome

John Cabot University and the Italy Reads program often collaborate with the English Theatre of Rome – a popular organization dedicated to presenting plays in English from October through June. This past season, JCU hosted their production of the classic Ernest Hemingway novel, A Farewell to Arms at the Guarini campus’ own Aula Magna Regina theater. Past performances which have also taken place at John Cabot include an adaptation of The Great Gatsby and a performance of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.

Perfect for theater enthusiasts who are more comfortable in the audience than on-stage, taking advantage of regular access to high quality productions is a great way to join JCU’s thriving arts community.

The John Cabot University Chamber Orchestra

Of course, performance art at JCU wouldn’t be complete without inspiring outlets for budding musicians. Italy is known for its contribution to the Western classical music tradition – a legacy John Cabot University honors with its very own Chamber Orchestra. If you’re a musically-inclined student (of any skill level) and are considering attending university in Italy, consider trying out for the orchestra. Participants enjoy interpreting world-famous compositions and giving performances at prestigious locations all across Rome.

Dances Classes on Campus

Joining a dance class is a fantastic way to get fit, socialize, and learn about different cultures. In keeping with its tradition of cultural diversity, JCU offers various types of dance classes each term. The Spring 2015 schedule features hip hop and Latin dance.  Students of all skill levels are invited to join in, learn new choreography and most of all, have fun!

What performances would you like to see in John Cabot’s Aula Magna Regina?

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