An Ideal Location for Learning Languages

An Ideal Location for Learning Languages, study abroad in Rome, reasons to study abroad, American university in Italy, learn a new language abroadOne of the biggest perks to the entire study abroad experience, and indeed one that is often overlooked, is the opportunity to learn a new language, or even multiple languages while in another country. John Cabot University provides abundant opportunities for international students in Italy to learn the local tongue, of course, but the Modern Languages and Literature Department also offers introductory to advanced French and Spanish courses. So if you’re looking to brush up on your Italian or invest some time in learning other international languages while at John Cabot University, here are some great resources.

Foreign Language Resource Center

One of the best resources for students looking to learn a new language is the university’s Foreign Language Resource Center (FLRC). The center’s mission is to help promote and encourage the learning of French, Spanish and Italian at the university, and to assist students with language acquisition in a wealth of ways. The Foreign Language Tutoring Center is the ideal place for improving various aspects of your language abilities, with daily chances for practicing your skills at our Conversation Tables, conveniently located at the Tiber Café.

In addition to our individualized tutoring programs, the FLRC also offers instruction in writing Italian in the Italian Writing Center, as well as programs that will certify you as a tutor so you can help others. The Center is also proud to offer certificate courses like the CILS, which certifies you as a fluent Italian speaker. The official CILS certification, which is issued by the University for Foreigners of Siena, is recognized throughout the world and does not expire, unlike many foreign language certifications.

Experience the Culture!

Another great way to learn the local language is to get out of your comfort zone and start to immerse yourself in the culture of Italy. Studying at our university in Rome, you’re completely surrounded by amazing live music, incredible food, celebrated museums and much more. Interacting with the locals and making a point of being social in the city is a great way to practice your Italian, while learning some more colloquial phrases that may not be covered in an academic setting.

It will also help familiarize your ear to the language more quickly, as analyzing the words and intonations of various accents and age groups will more effectively expedite your Italian language acquisition than listening solely to one person.

ENLUS and ENLUS Scholarships

Alternatively, for those students who seek to improve their English skills to get up to par for university level courses, John Cabot University offers intensive English Language for University Studies (ENLUS) classes. There are also a limited number of scholarships available for those in good academic standing, meaning getting your English up to snuff can be even easier.

Find out more about the Foreign Language Resource Center on our website!

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