An Art History Student’s Guide to Rome

Art history at John Cabot University in Rome, An Art History Student's Guide to Rome, study abroad in Rome, American university in Italy,  Italian art history, Studying Art History at John Cabot University certainly has its advantages. For starters, the university is located in Rome, a city with a remarkably rich history of art, where some of the most influential artists in the world have lived. Couple this with the fact that it continues to be a bustling scene for artists and artisans, with numerous fascinating galleries and museums, and it’s not hard to see that studying at our university in Italy is an exceptional opportunity to learn about the world of art. So if you’re an art history buff looking to come to Rome to soak up all you can, here is a brief guide to art in the city.

Summer Exhibitions

Summer is a time when many of the top museums and galleries in Romehostspecial exhibitions that showcase inspiring artwork of many kinds. One of the top attractions this year is “Gli Etruschi e il Mediterraneo” at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, which focuses on the ancient Etruscan civilisation’s most prosperous and populated city, located only fifty kilometres from modern Rome. Frida Kahlo’s masterpieces are exhibited at the Scuderie del Quirinale and the Museo Capitolini is presenting a documentary exhibition on Michelangelo, 450 years since his death. There are dozens of other  fascinating exhibitions throughout the city happening all summer long.

John Cabot University offers a wealth of onsite classes, including Ancient Rome and its Monuments and Baroque Rome and its Monuments, which provide students the opportunity to learn about important artwork while appreciating it before their very eyes.

Studio Art Courses

Those who choose to study abroad in Italy for the summer can make the most of their time by taking one of John Cabot University’s studio art courses. So while you’re basking in the beauty of some of the world’s most enduring art, you can try your hand at drawing, painting, or photography! This can help you understand the techniques of famous masters of the past, or just appreciate the artistic process.

 AP Summer Institute for Art History Teachers

An interesting offering for Art History educators this summer is the Advanced Placement (AP) Summer Institute. Art History teachers will be able to explore the local art and architecture while developing course materials and strategies and exchanging ideas with peers. Participants will receive workshop materials, guest lectures and guided walking tours through Rome’s inspiring streets.

Rome is truly a wellspring of incredible art, and study abroad at John Cabot University can open many valuable doors for you, especially when it comes to Renaissance art and the works of Mediterranean Europe. For more information about the Bachelor of Arts in Art History program at John Cabot University, check out the program’s website.

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