Alternative Career Options for Political Science Majors

study abroad in Rome, Alternative Career Options for Political Science Majors, jcu political science, American universities in Rome, finding a career path after graduationStudents pursuing a Political Science degree at John Cabot University truly enjoy the best of both worlds: the fine tradition of American liberal arts education plus immersion in Rome, home to high profile NGOs, inter-governmental organizations, and the birthplace of the European Union. An American university in Rome is the perfect setting to explore the history of political structures, global power dynamics, and influential social movements – and an ideal place in which to gain experience as an intern.

Whether you’re considering an internship, just beginning your degree, or embarking on your senior thesis, chances are you’re wondering where exactly this degree will take you after graduation. There’s no shortage of career options for Political Science grads, but our degree-seeking and study abroad students may want to begin by considering the following alternatives:

Advocate for Human Rights

Because political science examines the ways in which power is distributed throughout populations, it is natural for students to develop an interest in social justice issues. Quite often, graduates pursue careers in law so they can advocate on behalf of the disenfranchised or help establish good public policy. Another option is to become a lobbyist, using your knowledge of political structures to work for change from the inside out. Political science majors may go on to fill positions as commentators or journalists, leveraging their strong communication skills to bring visibility to important social issues.

Government Work and NGOs

Many students who study abroad in Rome love to travel and will gravitate toward careers that offer mobility. Political Science degrees can lead graduates toward jobs in government as politicians, Foreign Service officers, social policy developers, and diplomats (just to name a few). These positions are often associated with travel, while offering grads genuine opportunities to help others and affect change. On the other hand, non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations (such as the United Nations) are also popular destinations for Political Science majors who want to make a difference while remaining mobile. To get a foot in the door, internships and volunteering are absolutely essential. Luckily, Rome offers numerous opportunities for John Cabot interns.

Careers in the Corporate World

At its heart, Political Science is the study of human interactions. While becoming a lawyer or politician might be the obvious career paths for grads, many degree-holders in this discipline go on to find work in the corporate world as mediators.They consult on how best to resolve conflict and help companies function better as collaborative teams. With their knowledge of power structures and governing hierarchies, Political Science majors understand how to identify and resolve pain points for companies – which are, after all, mini-societies with their own governments. And, graduates’ liberal arts grounding gives them superior communication skills – both written and oral – which are particularly useful for corporate deal-making and team building initiatives.

Where will your Political Science degree take you?


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