5 Reasons to Spend Your Spring Semester Studying in Rome

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If you’re looking for a study abroad experience for the Spring 2021 semester, there are few better places to do it than in Rome. Not only is the experience of studying abroad an exciting and life-altering one, but it’s one that teaches you many lessons about yourself, your independence, and your self-confidence. Better yet, Rome is an amazing city to study in during the winter and spring months.

Studying abroad anywhere can be an experience of a lifetime. Here’s why Rome is the perfect place to spend your spring semester.

1. Exploring Rome Is a Bucket List Experience

Whether it’s the many historic landmarks you see around town, or the experience of eating real gelato and drinking authentic espresso, or anything else Italy has to offer, exploring Rome while you study abroad at John Cabot University is a must. Visiting the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps, or any nearby towns such as Pompeii are all extraordinary sights to see, and they’ll make for both great stories to tell your loved ones and fantastic Instagram material as well.

English language university in Italy

The Colosseum is one of many landmarks you can visit

2. Wintertime in Rome: An Italian Twist on the Colder Months

While much of the world is experiencing harsh weather and bone-chilling cold temperatures during the first months of the year, winter in Rome is quite mild. In fact, it’s so mild that life on the city’s streets still goes on, with people enjoying coffees outside cafés together and going for strolls down the cobblestone streets.

Even if there’s a lot more rain than snow during the winter, being in Rome during this season is a unique experience! You can visit the Piazza Navona, known for its yearly Christmas markets as well as the roasted chestnuts you can eat there in wintertime. Rome is also home to many winter sales in January, if shopping is your thing. Also in January, you can go skating in public outdoor rinks.

3. Rome in Springtime Is Even Better, for Many Reasons

To study abroad in Rome as the flowers start blooming and the weather starts warming up is one of the best times to be in the Eternal City. For example, the Festa di Primavera (Spring Festival) sees the Spanish Steps come alive with azaleas adorning the iconic tourist spot. You can also see cherry blossoms during the spring months, as well as see the Pope on Good Friday during Easter. Better yet, spring is considered “shoulder season” in Rome, so there are fewer tourists out and about compared to the summer.

4. You’ll Get an American-Style Education While in Rome

If you’re nervous about studying abroad in a country that does not speak English, remember that you can go to a university where English is the language of instruction, that follows the American liberal arts style of education. John Cabot University offers exactly this and gives students the opportunity to study alongside students from more than 80 countries, taking classes with renowned professors while being fully immersed in the Italian culture.

study abroad in Rome

JCU offers students an American-style education abroad

5. Studying Abroad in Rome Can Do Wonders for Your CV

Tacking onto your resume that you got to study in Italy can be a huge boost for you in the eyes of employers. In fact, it can even give you a leg up on others applying for the same position. Be sure to not only include it in your CV under “Education”, but discuss it during the interview, too. Talk to them about the experiences you had abroad, and how it helped you develop skills, overcome obstacles, learn about yourself, and improve yourself as a human and as a professional. It might just be what helps you get the job!

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