5 Benefits of Attending a University for International Students

Attending a University for International Students

It’s about so much more than a diploma! An international university is made up of people like you – coming from all across the globe, bringing their diverse perspectives and cultures to campus, and enriching school environments with benefits no textbook can offer.

Studying abroad – or in an international environment in your own home country – will enable you to make friends with these diverse peers. It’s the perfect place to build a valuable network of global contacts, learn new language and social skills, and become a truly world-wise, independent thinker.

Here are some of the many ways a university for international students can change you for the better.

1. Broaden Your Perspective at a University for International Students

Living and learning alongside peers from different countries will expose you to a range of cultures and customs firsthand. By learning and growing with people from alternative backgrounds, you’ll learn to see things from different angles than before.

Students from other cultures can also give you valuable new perspective on your own home country, because you’ll be able to see its social systems and politics through their eyes. It’s always beneficial to expand your understanding of yourself and where you come from, and to challenge your own opinions! This kind of analysis and critical thinking is central to success in academia and beyond.

2. Discover New International Foods, Fashion, and Friendships

One of the greatest things about studying abroad is the friendships you’ll make! Both on and off campus, friends from around the world will introduce you to brand new ways of doing things. Favorite foods, music, fashion, hobbies…through your classmates you may find yourself tasting foods you’ve never heard of, and falling in love with places you haven’t even visited yet.

And international universities like JCU value the cultural diversity of their student bodies! At fun social events throughout the year, you’ll be invited to try delicious foods and listen to music originating from your friends’ home countries, and introduce them to your own.

3. Boost Your Resume Credentials When You Study Abroad in Rome

When you put study abroad experiences on your resume, employers take notice. That’s because they know a university for international students gives you more than just a first-rate education – it can boost maturity and confidence, along with the ability to adapt to new situations.

And since many of today’s cutting-edge careers take place on international levels, experience with traveling, trying new languages, and interacting with people from a variety of backgrounds can be a real advantage over your competitors in the job market.

4. Enhance Your Language Skills in a Culturally Diverse Environment

If you take the opportunity to study abroad in Rome, you’ll be immersed in a new culture with its own language alongside classmates who know different languages of their own. By going about your daily life in a new environment full of international students and Roman locals, you’ll hear all sorts of idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms that you’ve probably never been taught before.

Students at JCU, an American University in Rome, enjoy Rome’s cafe scene in their downtime.

Students at JCU, an American University in Rome, enjoy Rome’s cafe scene in their downtime.

This can be a great opportunity to learn the basics of a few new languages; yet another skill valued by many of today’s top employers. And just by being yourself and speaking your own language, you’ll be helping to expand the vocabulary and perfect the pronunciation of non-native English speaking classmates.

5. Build International Connections When You Study Abroad in Rome

At an international university, you can create a network of contacts that spans the globe! It’s about more than just great friendships – international connections can create exciting career and travel opportunities down the line.

JCU is located in the heart of Rome, where many new cultural experiences are just a daytrip away.

JCU is located in the heart of Rome, where many new cultural experiences are just a daytrip away.

The whole world opens up to you when you expand your social circles beyond cultural lines. Long after their study abroad experiences, students who stay connected with their international friends often meet up at other destinations around the world – using their new skills to keep the adventure alive!

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