4 Reasons Why Community Service Matters When You Study Abroad in Italy

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Study abroad is a period of personal growth and exploration in an exciting location, and one of the best ways to get involved in a new culture is by getting active in community service.

Community service is more than just what you can do to help others – it’s also a means of promoting diversity, respect, and empowerment in yourself as well as the community around you. From helping others learn English to promoting environmentalism and much more, the Community Service Program at John Cabot University allows you to experience and explore the rich culture of Italy in a meaningful, rewarding way as you work side by side with your fellow students and the local community in Rome.

1. You Can Meet New People through Community Service While Studying Abroad

Traveling to a new country to study can be exciting, but also a little intimidating, especially if you don’t know anyone when you first arrive.

Community service is one of the best ways to meet your fellow students and make new friends, because it brings people together and gives you a common goal to work toward, so you’re all starting on the same page. You are also there to provide your help toward a good cause, and you will be surrounded by people who want to help others and share the same values as you.

You can forge lasting friendships through the Community Service Program at JCU

You can forge lasting friendships through the Community Service Program at JCU

2. Participating in Community Service Looks Good on Your Future Resume

Helping others is certainly intrinsically rewarding, but it can also help you stand out professionally.

JCU’s Community Service Program awards you with a Certificate of Participation that recognizes your dedication to volunteer work. This certificate can be listed on your future resume or CV, and shows potential employers that you have a demonstrated history of volunteer work and that you are motivated enough to set aside your personal time to improve your local community and work to better the lives of others.

3. Getting Involved in the Local Community Can Boost Your Italian Language Skills

One of the reasons you may have decided to study abroad in Italy is, of course, to experience the culture. Italy has a rich history and an even richer language, and getting involved in the local community is a great way to practice your language comprehension with real, meaningful conversation.

JCU partners with a variety of organizations around Rome, many of which involve face-to-face service with marginalized communities in the city. You can help women in need learn English at the Casa Internazionale delle Donne, or participate in Italy Reads, a community-based reading and cultural exchange program for local Italian high school students. No matter where or how often you serve, volunteering can give you valuable, genuine experience with the Italian language – you may soon even be speaking like a local yourself!

4. Gain a More Positive Perspective during Your Study Abroad in Italy

When it all comes down to it, community service can simply make you feel good. Sharing your time and making the effort to volunteer while studying abroad can increase your own sense of gratitude, cultural understanding, and even personal motivation, which gives you a fuller, more positive perspective during your time abroad. Engaging in altruism like community service can even lower your stress levels, something that will come in handy before an upcoming exam or deadline.

Participating in community service can give you a more positive outlook on life

Participating in community service can give you a more positive outlook on life

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