4 Italian Regions to Visit While You Study Abroad in Italy

Italian Regions to Visit While You Study Abroad in Italy

If you decide to study abroad in Rome, you’ll quickly become familiar with Lazio, the region that houses Italy’s capital city. All year round, JCU hosts trips and activities that help students get better acquainted with their new surroundings – including exploring olive groves just outside of Rome, visiting historic sites across the city, and even learning how to make some of Lazio’s signature dishes like spaghetti all’amatriciana and Roman pizza.

But, students soon learn that in addition to Lazio, Italy boasts 19 more regions to explore, each with its own distinct foods, dialects, and culture. And since every weekend is a “long weekend” (there’s no class at JCU on Fridays), there are plenty of opportunities to discover Lazio’s regional neighbors.

Take full advantage of your study abroad experience by visiting one – or all! – of these unique and beautiful regions, just next door to your home base in Rome.

Campania: A Top Southern Destination for Study Abroad Students

When it comes to Italy’s southern provinces, Campania is one of the quickest to get to from Rome. Tucked beneath Lazio, this Italian region is just a short bus or train ride away for students at John Cabot University – but its close proximity isn’t the only reason students love this top weekend destination.

Campania is home to some of Italy’s most treasured sites. In Pompeii, students can peak into historic shops, homes, and baths that have been frozen in time in this ancient city. On the island of Capri, they enjoy boat rides through the hauntingly beautiful Blue Grotto. And in Naples, students savor delicious pizza in the city where it was first invented.

JCU students swim near a cave on Capri's coast.

JCU students swim near a cave on Capri’s coast.

Abruzzo: Visit Parks and Nature Preserves While You Study abroad in Italy

Outdoorsy students who decide to study abroad in Italy will be happy to know that they can sign up for JCU’s winter weekend or hiking trip – both of which delve into the “greenest region” of Italy.

Abruzzo devotes an impressive one third of its land – more than any other region in Europe – to nature reserves and national parks.

These parks function as important habitats for wolves, eagles, and even certain varieties of brown bear. And, on top of the natural wealth of this region, students can visit one of the many castles that dot this beautiful, hilly landscape.

Umbria: A Beautiful Retreat for International Students in Italy

Love biking? The winding paths of Umbria could be your ideal weekend retreat. This small land-locked region of Italy tends to attract fewer tourists than its neighbor Tuscany, but offers similarly gorgeous rolling hills and beautiful scenery.

Umbria’s bike paths criss-cross beautiful landscapes dotted with olive groves and vineyards, pass through quaint small towns and cities, and even encounter the 3 million-year-old Dunarobba Fossil Forest – one of the few petrified forests of its kind!

Compared to the bustling city life of Rome, the region of Umbria will feel like a relaxing, quiet break for students looking to re-charge in nature over a long weekend.

Tuscany: A Foodie and Art-Lover’s Dream Destination

Art lovers studying in Italy would do well to visit Tuscany’s capital, Florence. Some of the most well-known works of Renaissance art, including Michelangelo’s statue of David, Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, and Leonardo da Vinci’s Annunciation, can be found at this top travel destination.

A John Cabot University student enjoys beautiful views of Florence

A John Cabot University student enjoys beautiful views of Florence

But impressive Renaissance art collections aren’t all that international students in Italy can look forward to if they plan a trip to Tuscany. Known for using local ingredients in season, and for making simple but exquisite dishes, Tuscan cooking is sure to impress international foodies.

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