4 Great Reasons to Study Abroad if You’re an Introvert

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Studying abroad is a wonderful experience for building learning and life skills. For introverted students, this can be the best way to expand your horizons because you are able to enter a new environment and have control over how you experience it, while adding in as much spontaneity as you want. Some people might have concerns about studying away from home or the school they are used to, wondering if they’ll enjoy it. Being in a new setting is a great opportunity for friendships to blossom, adventures to be had, and new perspectives to be seen – the fresh environment can actually offer more support than a familiar one in many ways. Read on to learn why studying abroad at John Cabot University is a great idea if you’re an introvert!

1. You can Find your own Beautiful Places while you Study Abroad in Italy

When you leave your familiar surroundings, you have the chance to find new cafes, parks, benches, and corners of the library where you can have a moment to yourself. Many introverts enjoy being able to take little breaks alone throughout the day to recuperate, and there’s no better opportunity for that than a new campus and city. You can get excited about finding your new spots and see this as a fun opportunity to shop around for spaces where you can take a breather. A study abroad program in Italy is particularly great for this, as you can choose from peaceful views and calm museums – you don’t need to go far for beauty.

2. Other Study Abroad Students are in the Same Boat

New friendships are easier when you’re surrounded by other people who are also in a new place. When people aren’t surrounded by their usual friends, they will often be friendlier and more socially adventurous. If you’re an introvert who doesn’t always make the first move to introduce yourself or make plans, you might be surprised to learn that when you study abroad in Italy, you may have an easier time making friends. Other students who are away from home will also be interested in finding friends and community, so many of them will be more open with you – this takes the pressure off and lets you relax.

Making friends is easy when you’re surrounded by other people who are studying abroad

Making friends is easy when you’re surrounded by other people who are studying abroad

3. You can Experiment with Breaking Out of your Comfort Zone

For introverts, travelling is a way to separate from the people who know you and expect certain patterns from you. For example, if your friends and acquaintances at home know you as a bit quieter and more cautious in social settings, you might be more likely to continue to behave that way. When you’re placed in a new community who don’t have any preconceived notions about you, there is a freedom that allows you to be more extroverted or try new things without anyone questioning you. This can be a very liberating experience for all personality types.

4. A Study Abroad Experience is Great for Solo Time

While you’ll find a supportive and kind community during your time abroad at John Cabot University, it may be in your nature to want a lot of time alone. Studying in an exciting place is a great reason to take trips or outings by yourself – there’s so much to see that you can’t possibly run out of activities. Combining your social time with treating yourself to new experiences alone will leave you with wonderful memories of time to yourself where you were able to reflect and think surrounded by the Roman landscape.

Solo trips are a great opportunity for introverts in study abroad programs

Solo trips are a great opportunity for introverts in study abroad programs

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