4 Extracurricular Activities to get Involved in at John Cabot University

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Study abroad programs are packed with stimulating, exciting experiences. Taking advantage of everything your campus has to offer means not only delving into your studies and exploring the brand new environment you are immersed in; it also means branching out into extracurricular activities that provide you with additional skills, communities, and opportunities for development.

Clubs, athletics, and events give you opportunities to try new things, practice hobbies you love, and meet new people with similar interests. Having extracurriculars on your resume also helps show that you are a well-rounded person with versatile skills. Read on for some of the activities you can jump into when you study abroad!

1. Develop Your Skill Set in a Club at University in Rome

Clubs foster leadership, interpersonal skills, and personal growth. They provide you with communities and networks that you might not have otherwise been exposed to. You can also use clubs as a chance to improve your teamwork and communication skills.

Depending on your interests, you may want to explore organizations such as student government, chess club, fashion club, or Model United Nations. Visiting a student clubs fair is a great use of resources and gives you a chance to speak with representatives from different groups, so you can ask questions and find a good fit.

The student clubs fair is a great place to explore opportunities and join groups

The student clubs fair is a great place to explore opportunities and join groups

2. Get Away on a Weekend or Day Trip when You Study Abroad in Italy

Extracurricular trips are fun adventures that let you see another side of Rome and Italy off-campus. One of the many advantages of going to university in Rome is how close you are to unique cultural experiences – several of which are organized by John Cabot University!

A day trip to The Garden of Ninfa, for example, allows you to explore one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Built on medieval ruins near the Lepini mountains, it has inspired writers such as Virginia Wolf and Truman Capote. Getting out of the city to see such a special place will give you memories to last a lifetime, as well as offer a well-deserved break from studying. You could also consider a trip to Sapri for the weekend, which lets you see grottos, canyons, and the Cilento coast. Whatever you choose, trips allow you to extend past the borders of Rome and take a mental and physical break from campus. Learn more about JCU Trips and Activities.

3. Get into Performing Arts while You Study in a Cultural Hub

Italy has no shortage of arts and culture to draw inspiration from, and can offer you plenty of opportunity to express yourself. At JCU, the chamber orchestra is open to both amateurs and students with a music studies background. The university choir and band, as well as open mics, present more opportunities to engage in musical extracurriculars.

The student operated Theatre Society also performs shows featuring student actors and directors. If acting is a treasured pastime of yours, the Theatre Society can help you learn more theory and skills while giving you the chance to meet other thespians in the community.

4. Stay Active with School Athletics

In a brand new environment our daily habits can sometimes fall to the backburner. Fortunately, the recreational activities offered at JCU provide a great way to motivate yourself to stay active while you study abroad in Italy. Regular exercise is important for physical and mental health, and there are fun ways to fit it in.

There are many fitness classes to choose from—and picking something you enjoy will make you more likely to commit to some exercise. You can choose from yoga, HIIT, kick boxing, and many other options. Athletics offer stress relief and an opportunity to bond with other students. Team sports and athletics trips such as skiing and hiking also provide opportunities for new connections and energy boosting activities!

Athletics on campus keep you physically active and healthy during your studies

Athletics on campus keep you physically active and healthy during your studies

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