3 Ways to Improve Your Italian While Studying Abroad in Rome

3 Ways to Improve Your Italian While Studying Abroad in Rome, learning Italian, study in Italy,

John Cabot University students on a learning field trip in Rome

There are many ways studying abroad in Italy can help enrich your education and open exciting doors following graduation. Students who venture beyond their own borders will meet classmates from around the world, expand their awareness of different cultures, and develop the kind of global profile many of today’s employers are looking for. And a big part of that global profile is knowledge of multiple languages.

Studying abroad in Rome presents undergraduates with valuable opportunities to develop or strengthen their Italian. John Cabot University offers several Italian language resources to visiting students, including the chance to earn a Certificate of Italian as a Foreign Language – a strategic addition to a graduate school or job application.

Whether you’re attending JCU for a semester or the duration of your degree, you’ll discover resources on campus and within the community to improve your Italian. Read on to discover which approach is right for you!

Participate in Cultural Exchange with Italy Reads

A great way to get involved in the community and practice your Italian is through the Italy Reads cultural exchange program. Italy Reads was established with the support of the Embassy of the United States of America in Italy, with the goal of fostering inter-cultural relations between Americans and Italians.

Through the Italy Reads program, students from John Cabot University visit high schools across the city and encourage students to read, analyze and discuss famous American novels. The novel study helps Italian students learn about American culture and practice their English skills. In return, English students attending university in Italy have the opportunity to become more immersed in Italian culture, and pick up some Italian language skills along the way.

Minor in Italian Studies

One of the best ways to fully engage with Italian culture is by pursuing John Cabot University’s Italian Studies program. Students who study Italian Studies in Rome will have the opportunity to learn about the country’s fascinating literature, cultural traditions, history, and language.

JCU students who wish to improve their understanding of Italian language may complement their major with a minor in Italian Studies. With its capacity to expand students’ cultural awareness and language skills, this minor is a great option for students pursuing International Business or International Affairs.

Foreign Language Resource Center at John Cabot University

JCU offers a resource center on campus dedicated to helping students reach their language learning goals. The Foreign Language Resource Center at JCU is designed to help students develop their proficiency in Italian, Spanish, French, and German. The FLRC offers free services such as:

  • Individual tutoring sessions
  • Evaluation of language proficiency
  • Conversation Tables to improve fluency
  • A variety of language learning materials

Students who would like individual tutoring services can visit the Foreign Language Tutoring Center on campus, where staff assist students with reading and listening comprehension, grammar, pronunciation, and preparation for language proficiency tests.

The FLRC also manages the on-campus Italian Writing Center, where students can go to receive help with their written Italian.

Will you strive to learn Italian while you study abroad in Italy? Which approach do you think would work best?

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