3 Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit When You Study Abroad in Italy

study abroad in Italy

With a brand new international community, exciting surroundings, and an abundance of things to do and see, staying healthy during your time at university takes a bit of extra effort. It doesn’t have to be hard – with just a little bit of attention to how you eat, rest, and move, you can stay in shape and still experience all that Italy has to offer.

We understand that students are busy, so these tips won’t take too much of your time – leaving plenty of space for travel, studying, class, and your favorite gelato place.

1. Strike a Balance to Stay Healthy and Get the Most Out of Your Time

Balance is key when maintaining a healthy body and mind. All work and no play isn’t good for mental health, so it’s important to give yourself study breaks and take short walks, stretch, see friends, or go sit in a special spot where you can spend a bit of time alone. Balancing your school schedule with movement that re-energizes and calms you will not only improve your health but it will also help you focus when you’re studying and earning your credits. A short walk or run is a great way to explore local sights. Universities in Rome are in great locations for runs full of architecture, local culture, and scenery.

Taking study breaks for physical activity will help you stay balanced and healthy

Taking study breaks for physical activity will help you stay balanced and healthy

Fun activities need balance, too, so if you’ve been out exploring Rome for a couple of nights, commit to a quiet night in to rest and recalibrate. Quiet evenings talking with your new friends will also help you bond and connect.

2. Take Advantage of the Mediterranean Diet While you Study Abroad in Italy

The great news about living in Rome is that there are exciting local, healthy food options. Italian cuisine does include pasta and pizza, but also very simple plates with few, fresh ingredients and minimal processing. Artichokes, olive oil, seafood, and other whole foods are great for your health and will leave you feeling light and energized. When you’re exploring and experiencing new tastes, opt for lots of plants and lean proteins.

In addition, your meal plan at school offers healthy options that are easy to choose and conveniently prepared. Personalize a salad made from freshly cut vegetables to nourish your body.

Make healthy choices from the options on your meal plan at John Cabot University

Make healthy choices from the options on your meal plan at John Cabot University

Make sure you drink up as well – water is a vital nutrient that’s often overlooked. Keep water around and sip it throughout your day. Italian espresso is, of course, wonderful – so as you study abroad in Italy, you may be drinking quite a bit of it as you work through your courses. Make sure to pair coffee drinks up with a big glass of water, to help counteract the dehydrating effects of caffeine.

3. Enjoy Your Riposo While you Study Abroad in Italy

You will have unique opportunities to experience culture and daily life in Italy while you are studying. An Italian tradition that you will encounter is the riposo, an extended lunch break in the middle of the day. Shops and businesses close down during this time, which is generally between 1pm and 4pm. You may want to take this time to have a short nap and catch up on sleep, or just spend a moment alone. It’s a great opportunity to slip some rest time into your day and recover from an exciting, eventful schedule.

If naps aren’t easy for you, other relaxation techniques are great as well. Try sitting alone and focusing on your breathing, thinking positive thoughts. Listen to music that calms you or try taking a slow walk. Whatever helps you wind down, use it to maximize your riposo and give your health a boost.

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