3 Reasons You’ll Have More Fun When You Study Abroad in Italy

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Enjoy your time in school by spending it among international friends, great food, and world-class sites!

Getting ready to take the leap from high school to college? Maybe you’re thinking about spending a semester (or more) abroad! You might already know the benefits that studying abroad offers to your resume, job prospects, and general quality of education.

But let’s not forget—it’s also just a lot of fun. According to students and alumni of John Cabot University (JCU) here in Rome, the best part about studying abroad is how much fun you can have with like-minded people from all over the world.

Here are our top 3 reasons it’s more fun for college students to study abroad than to stay local.

1. Those Who Study in Italy Make New and Lasting International Friendships

Students from all over the world connect at top international colleges like JCU. Living and learning in a brand new place is a great way to build strong bonds with others in similar positions. When you study abroad, you’re given opportunities to get around, make decisions, and experience exciting new things with people from a wide range of cultures.

“It has been extremely valuable to be surrounded by people from many backgrounds,” explains Lydia Greenberg, who chose to study art history in Italy at JCU. “My best friend is British, my roommate is Italian, last semester I had roommates from Turkey and Bolivia, and I even met people from all across the United States. I forged many international connections that I hope to keep up with for the rest of my life.”

Sharing space with all kinds of people can also give you important cross-cultural communication skills, insights into new ways of doing things, and experience finding common ground among diverse groups of people—great qualities you can develop just by enjoying yourself and soaking it all in!

“Being around people from all around the world has helped me get the most out of my education,” says Omar Attaya, a JCU student from Egypt. “Being exposed to different mentalities and points of view has greatly broadened my perspectives.”

2. Students at English Speaking Universities in Italy Get to Try Fun Foreign Foods

“Rome just makes so much sense for anyone interested in Italy’s rich history and culture, not to mention the great food!” says Alice Coyne, a JCU study abroad alumna from New Jersey. “The more you explore, the more you realize how much is left unexplored.”

study in Italy, study abroad students, why you should study abroad, rome, study in italy, foreign food

Authentic Italian markets abound in the Trastevere neighborhood where JCU is located.

At JCU, students are just short walks from authentic Italian food vendors, markets, and one-of-a-kind restaurants. Consider taking a study break with typical Roman dishes like cacio e pepe or saltimbocca alla Romana! Even studying the trickiest topics can be fun when you do it with your new friends, a slice of pizza, and a few scoops of gelato.

3. Those Who Study Abroad Can Enjoy Spectacular Sites & Landmarks Everyday!

Students who study in Italy get to break up their studies with exciting trips to world-class Italian architectural and cultural landmarks! In Lydia’s words: “In the United States you have to make an effort to go to a museum and get a sense of cultural heritage. Here you just walk down the street.”

Art history major Alice agrees: “Rome is by far the best place to study, since the whole city is a museum. Studying at JCU was the first step in what I hope is a lifelong journey of traveling, exploring, and learning about the world.”

study in Italy, study abroad students, why you should study abroad, rome, john cabot university, study in italy, foreign food, colosseum

JCU students visit the Colosseum

Are you inspired to have a study abroad adventure of your own?

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