3 Reasons Studying Abroad in Rome at John Cabot University Is Life-Changing

When you study abroad, you’ll add value to your academic career as well as your resume, along with the added bonus of seeing a part of the world you might not otherwise get to explore. The benefits that you get from studying abroad don’t end when you return home though. You may be surprised by how much you gain abroad that you can take home with you, keeping your experience and the lessons you learned for the rest of your life. Read on for some unexpected souvenirs that you will keep with you after your time in Italy.

When You Study in Rome, You Always Have a Home Overseas

Having a strong, sentimental connection to a culture and country that is far from home can be a comforting and inspiring presence in your mind throughout your life. Though your time studying will eventually end, you can still return to all of your favorite local areas in Rome whenever you find yourself nearby. It may make you feel like the world is a little bit more connected and remind you of how far-reaching your own horizons are, both intellectually and emotionally.

You Make Friends that Can Last a Lifetime

Studying abroad is a unique and enriching experience, academically and socially. You will be placed in a diverse community of inspired, intelligent people. Don’t be surprised if some of them eventually become lifelong friends. New, exciting experiences can build strong bonds when shared between people, setting up the perfect environment for connecting with your peers. Having a diverse group of friends from around the world keeps you engaged in cultures and events that are outside of your local scope.

The friends you make when you study abroad in Rome can also become a network for you to connect with and rely on throughout your education and career. This can give you global connections within your industry once you enter the professional world. It also provides you with diverse perspectives when looking at your industry, broadening and enriching your point of view. This means that the friends you make abroad can be an excellent pool of talent to turn to during your career—as well as excellent travel buddies who may join you when you embark on your next adventure!

The friends you make abroad can stay in your life long after you return home

The friends you make abroad can stay in your life long after you return home

You Gain a Wealth of Inspiration During Your Time Abroad

Interesting things are bound to happen during your time in Italy. You will be navigating a new city, immersed in a vibrant, dynamic culture. You’ll meet people from all over the world and hear stories from their lives that give you a new perspective on your own. You may find that you are more inspired than ever because of the stimulation that your surroundings provide, piquing your curiosity and encouraging you to explore even more. When you leave Rome, you will take many pieces of it with you in the form of anecdotes, new ideas, and memories that you can share with others.

Travel gives you a collection of experiences that you can carry home with you and use as inspiration

Travel gives you a collection of experiences that you can carry home with you and use as inspiration

People who study in Rome can maintain their connection to Italy by keeping memories, lessons, and cultural influences in their lives after leaving campus. You may find that you return home with new passions and interests, inspired by the tastes, sounds, and sights you encountered while immersed in the culture of Rome. Take these things with you and keep them close to your heart, as a reminder of what you learned while abroad.

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