3 Reasons to Study at an American Liberal Arts University in Rome

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Studying at a liberal arts university can teach you a lot, both in and out of the classroom. The term “liberal arts” can encompass several different fields of study, such as political science, literature, philosophy, religion, and art history. Even if none of those subjects are your major, taking some classes in them can be incredibly useful and enrich your other studies.

Being at a liberal arts university can be quite an experience for any student, especially one studying abroad in Italy—and there are some great reasons why. Here are four reasons why studying at an American liberal arts university in Rome is a great choice!

Studying Liberal Arts Can Help You Develop Many Valuable Soft Skills

Although studying liberal arts at John Cabot can represent various fields of study, there are many important skills that these subjects help foster. In fact, one of the biggest advantages to studying at a liberal arts university is in how it can teach you to think more critically, analytically, and creatively. This is because studying various liberal arts subjects like history, political science, and philosophy can teach you how to break down the “who/what/where/when/why/hows” of the world. The liberal arts are all about questioning assumptions, challenging ideas, and developing a deeper understanding of the world around us. It also helps foster a sense of perspective, and what better place to develop that perspective than in the Eternal City itself?

Your critical thinking abilities will grow and evolve during classroom discussions, while exploring ruins in on-site classes, and while examining priceless works of art in Rome’s many museums. Such a stimulating environment can also help you improve your communication, reasoning, and problem-solving abilities—all important soft skills that will serve you well during your graduate studies, career, or other endeavors!

Classroom discussions are a way you can develop your critical thinking skills

Classroom discussions are a way you can develop your critical thinking skills

Studying at John Cabot Can Make You See Culture Differently

Not only is the opportunity to study at American universities in Italy an exciting one for students who want to try delectable new cuisines and visit iconic historical sites, but it’s also an opportunity to truly understand and experience another culture. Between cooking classes, weekend trips, and even on-site classes, students have the opportunity to really delve into Italian culture both past and present.

Being at an international university in such a gorgeous and historically rich city like Rome, you will not only spend part of your academic life learning about Italian culture, but you’ll also meet students from around the world as well. Through this experience and your courses, you can not only develop a broader world-view and a more open perspective, but you can see your own culture in a different light, too.

Taking Liberal Arts Courses Can Help You Discover Your Interests

One of the major advantages of studying at a liberal arts university is that these kinds of courses can help you explore what you really want out of your academic life, and even your personal life too. Studying the liberal arts can lead you toward new interests and hobbies you might have never previously thought you’d have. They can also help you discover new ideas, concepts, and values that can enrich your life. Because liberal arts courses are designed to challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone, they offer an excellent way to discover new passions and help you grow as a person and as an academic.

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