3 Reasons to Study Abroad with a Friend

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Studying abroad on your own can be a great experience, but it could be even better if a friend is tagging along! If you and your friend are both planning to study abroad, there are many reasons why it could be an excellent decision to have the experience together. Since moving to a new country can be challenging at the start, having a close friend along for the ride can help ease you into your new journey.

Here are three reasons why you and a pal might want to begin your study abroad journey together.

You Won’t Be Alone in a New Country with a New Language

For anyone going to study abroad in another country where the locals speak a different language than your own, it can be an intimidating experience at times. You will have to find new ways to adapt and communicate in this situation. If you go abroad with a friend, you’ll take great solace in knowing that you are not alone, that even when you do not understand, you will be able to figure things out together.

Luckily, when you study abroad in Rome – Italy’s capital and largest city – you will find that most people speak at least a little bit of English. At John Cabot University, having a high-level of English is a requirement for entry into the University, so you can rest-assured that you will be able to communicate with everyone on campus. Still, if you’re nervous about meeting new people and building new friendships from scratch, having a friend with you can also make meeting new people less scary.

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Going abroad with a friend can lessen feelings of anxiety about being in a new country

You’ll Get to Visit Other Parts of Italy and Europe Together on Weekends

When you’re studying abroad, you’ll have the opportunity to fly or take the train to various other parts of Italy and Europe during your days off. Classes at John Cabot University run Monday through Thursday, so you’ll have the long weekends to take advantage of Rome’s well-connected train stations and airports. The cost of travel in Europe is also much cheaper than in the United States!

Having so much of Europe at your fingertips is an incredible perk of studying in Rome, and exploring it with a friend will elevate both of your experiences. Your time abroad will be a topic only you and your friend can reminisce on together once you’ve returned home, which can make it even more special.


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Studying abroad with a friend allows you to explore Italy and Europe together

To Study Abroad Together Is an Experience You’ll Both Always Remember

To study in Rome with a friend will allow you both to share memories that will last a lifetime. Provided you and your friend are both thick as thieves and have proven to be very compatible as far as spending lots of time together or even living together, moving abroad for school can be a rewarding experience for you both. You’ll get to enjoy a new city, country, and continent together, make new friends from various countries around the world, and you can both build up your abilities in learning how to adapt to new, daunting situations. Best of all, an experience like this can bring the two of you closer together than ever before.

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