3 Gift Ideas to Bring Home After Your Semester at #JCURome

John Cabot

The holiday season is upon us, and that means it’s time to start getting gifts for your loved ones. If you’re studying abroad in Rome, this gives you the opportunity to put some distinctly Italian presents under the tree this year! Rome is an incredibly beautiful place to be during the holiday season, with holiday lights and massive, heavily-decorated trees adorning its piazzas and narrow streets. It’s also a city where students can buy special kinds of gifts for friends and family back home to remind them of their time abroad and to share what they experienced with others.

Whether it’s clothes, glassworks, food-related accessories, or other kinds of artisanal products, there are many distinctly Italian gifts to be found in Rome. Here are three great gift ideas for when you come home for the holidays after your fall semester in Rome has ended.

Italy is Known for its Leather Goods

If you’re hoping to buy some “Made in Italy” products, leather goods are a particularly authentic option. Located near the Pantheon, the historic, family-run Mancini store is known for leather belts, bags, and briefcases. If you have some time to wait for your gift to be ready, you can visit Armando Rioda near the Spanish Steps for custom-made leather products. Made in-store by the shop’s owners, you can discuss with them how exactly you want your item to be made and how you want it to look.

Leather bags, purses, wallets, belts—you name it, Rome has many great stores for it!

There are many stores throughout Rome where you can purchase Italian leather goods

If Clothing Is What You’re Aiming for, You Have Several Great Options

Students at an American university in Rome will notice the city has a flair for fashion, so why not bring some back with you for the holidays? For example, cashmere sweaters are a great option for those who want some warm clothing to get through the winter. Otherwise, you can also visit the Mercato Monti, an urban market with various kinds of handmade or vintage clothes, sunglasses, and jewelry on sale. If you’re looking for something for your dad or uncle, pope socks are another distinctly Roman gift idea. Gammarelli is a shop that has been providing priests and cardinals with clothing for more than two centuries (including scarves and gloves) and sells the kind of socks Pope Francis considers his favorite.

John Cabot Students Should Also Consider Glass Art and Ceramics

Another very Italian gift idea for your loved ones is to buy them ceramics or glass work. One great example is Murano glass, which can be found across Italy and makes a great gift for those on a smaller budget. John Cabot students can take a 25-30 minute walk to Zerlina, which is one of the city’s most popular glass art stores. You can also head over to Studio Forme near the Tiber River, where you can buy artisanal vases, dishes, and pitchers, among other glass objects.

You can buy many kinds of glass art in Rome, including the famous Murano glass

You can buy many kinds of glass art in Rome, including the famous Murano glass

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