3 Fascinating Markets You Can Visit When You Study Abroad in Rome

Study abroad in rome

Local markets are a great way to experience daily life in a new city, while hunting for treasures to take home. The atmosphere in Rome is bright and active, with markets encapsulating the tastes, sights, and craftsmanship the city has to offer. Browse these markets on your own or with new friends from your program, getting some fresh air and soaking up some culture at the same time. You can use your findings to craft a delicious recipe, give a gift to a friend, or add a vintage piece to your souvenir collection. Read on for some of the most interesting markets in Rome!

1. Find the Perfect Bouquet at Campo de’ Fiori when you Study Abroad

Campo de’ Fiori translates to “field of flowers”, and is a piazza dominated during the day by a famous market. The flower part of the market closes earlier, so make sure you visit in the morning if you want to grab some vibrant petals for your student residence. The goods don’t stop there – you can also find fresh produce, cheese, kitchenware, and clothing. This is an open-air market that will help you clear your head between classes and getting to know your new environment while you study abroad, giving you a chance to soak up the atmosphere, distract your mind, and refresh.

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Get to Campo de’ Fiori early to have your pick of flowers

2. Hop across the Tiber to Monti Vintage Market

This Rione Monti market is a great place to hunt for vintage finds as well as get acquainted with the work of some Italian fashion designers. If you’re a fan of one-of-a-kind finds for your wardrobe, this is the place to find your perfect souvenir. Cross the river from campus to get to this market, which is just a short bike ride, or a half hour walk away.

You won’t just find clothing here – accessories, illustrations, and pieces of art are among the items showcased by local artists and designers, some of whom you can meet and bond over your love of Italian art with!

3. Take a Riverside Walk from John Cabot University to Testaccio Food Market

From Guarini campus, you can take a nice stroll along the Tiber to Mercato Testaccio, a food market featuring delicious smells and tastes. Feasting on local treats is important while you have the opportunity to study abroad in Rome, surrounded by stimulating experiences that are new and enriching for your mind.

This market lies in the south-east of Rome’s centre, known as a place to go if you love to eat. Until 2012, this market was in a nearby historical square, but it’s since been moved to a more modern location. You can feast here on prepared foods and drinks, as well as find produce to take home.

Fresh produce is available in various street markets around Rome, so you can explore and find your favorite vendors, working on your Italian phrases at the same time!

Many street vendors in Rome sell fresh produce

Many street vendors in Rome sell fresh produce

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