3 Courses to Take While Studying Abroad in Rome According to JCU Alumni

To study abroad at an accredited American university in Rome is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will stay with students throughout their lifetime. Not only does it broaden students’ horizons, but it gives them the opportunity to expand academically and study alongside internationally diverse students and faculty. By offering a wide variety of courses covering everything from Art History to Business Studies, John Cabot University allows students to stay on track with their graduation requirements while having the option to explore new topics and subject areas. 

With so many kinds of classes available, it may be difficult to decide what to enroll in. Though staying in your area of comfort is always option, breaking the mold and taking courses outside of your major area of study can enhance your studies and change your perspective. Here are some suggestions on what to enroll in, from three JCU Study Abroad alumni. 

Take Intercultural Communications to Improve Your Ability to Understand Others

“What I would suggest is trying to take one class that doesn’t look ‘normal’,” JCU alumna Christina Amaya advises. “My Intercultural Communications class was a great experience! It allowed me to adapt to Italy much faster as well as learn about so many other countries.” 

Studying Intercultural Communications has many material, real-world benefits. In this class, students learn about the historical and political conditions that make intercultural communication possible.

They are encouraged to think of themselves as subjects speaking and thinking from a particular point of view, and critically reflect on how culture influences the process of communication. 

Understanding these ideas allow a student not only to become mindful of potential barriers to communication but also their possible solutions. Even better, taking this class abroad at an American university in Italy allows you to learn about other cultures within a multicultural environment. 

Consider Enrolling in Business Law While You Study in Italy 

“I took a business law class to learn about legal procedures relevant to corporations and private entities,” explains former study abroad student Matthew Palesano. “I learned a lot from my professor and am now about to enter law school prepared with things I learned in that class.” This is a prime example of how the classes students take when they study in Italy can function as bridges to new, previously unconsidered futures. 

Your studies at JCU can help guide you through your career path

A Business Law course explores basic legal principles with reference to business conduct. Much of this is centered around the idea of the contract and its associated legality issues and consequences. The class also explores the issues of corporate law, bankruptcy, warranty, and product liability. 

Take Drawing – Rome Sketchbook to Expand Your Creative Potential 

“My favorite class was a sketchbook drawing class. We had the opportunity to visit different sites and Rome and learn how to draw them—or at least attempt to,” advises JCU Study Abroad alumni Claire Van Beek. “My professor would also give mini informational lessons at each site!” 

Even if a student doesn’t have an artistic background, having the opportunity to stretch your creative potential in a relaxed and supportive environment can introduce you to different mindsets and perspectives. 

A casual art course can teach you how to appreciate the space around you more

A drawing course teaches artistic skills in a way that’s unpretentious, geared towards the long-term, and grounded in material history. These classes focus on ideas such as efficient visual note-taking, describing forms, and generating an awareness of the interplay of light and shadow. These concepts will not only allow you to greater appreciate the beautiful environment of Rome, but also appreciate the beauty of your everyday environments at home. 

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