Student Spotlight: Ryan Wilkinson, Study Abroad Fall 2012

While at Western Michigan University I discovered the study abroad opportunities at the study abroad fair on campus. During my time researching different schools abroad, John Cabot stood out to me. A few months later, after meetings with advisers and financial aid officers I realized that this opportunity could be possible. I applied immediately and received lots of help from John Cabot University staff members. I had several questions for John Cabot University prior to arrival in Rome, that were answered quickly by JCU staff members.

Upon arrival I was instantly exposed to new cultures and customs. JCU did a excellent job introducing students to the city of Rome. The staff was very organized and guided me and other students through the various step that needed to be completed before classes start. The University had many clubs and activities that interested me. I participated in fun community service activities sponsored by JCU staff and the student body. I am very thankful for how helpful this University was. Many new friendships were established on the campus. I am glad that many Italians chose to go to this school, as I became friends with several of them. All my teachers were very helpful and willing to go out of their way to help me, especially my Italian teacher.

Overall, this University can give anyone a great experience. The helpfulness of the staff and teachers really helped me during my time here. I would recommend John Cabot University to anyone who wishes to study abroad.

Thank you JCU!

Ryan Wilkinson
Western Michigan University
Study Abroad Fall 2012

Student Spotlight