Student Spotlight: Maria Nivia, Study Abroad Fall 2012

Study Abroad taught me to see the world in different ways and understand the differences between countries and cultures. I am always interested in meeting people from different backgrounds. One of the things I liked the most at John Cabot University it was that in every class I had the chance to meet someone from another country and background, and learn something about them.

John Cabot University also is a school I would recommend to anyone in terms of how great it was academically. Something I want to point out is that at JCU I took my favorite class ever during my college career.

I never learned so many interesting things from a single class like how I did in this one at JCU. Everyone who works here is friendly and they all try to do their best to make you feel welcomed and help you with the many things you need as a visiting student.

Doing study abroad in Italy also helped me much with gaining more knowledge about my major and minor. Not only for all the things I learned in class, but also for the fact that I was living in another country and interacting with different people. It wasn’t easy for me at first to communicate with the Italian people. With time I learned to understand basic communication that enabled me to receive and great authentic Italian experience. I liked the fact that a lot of Italians go to this school. You have a better chance to get to know some from classes and being on campus. I actually become friends with many of them and learned many personal differences between us.

Maria Nivia
Western Michigan University
Study Abroad Fall 2012

Student Spotlight