Student Spotlight: Belinda Merceron, Study Abroad Fall 2012

Lessons in International Law Outside the Classroom

I’ve been learning so much about the world that I live in while being outside of the western hemisphere. There are social, economical injustices taking place, numerous countries are having their revolutions, civil wars, are stricken by poverty- famine, genocides and far more unstated injustices. A few days ago a friend and I met some local guys who were from all over the world. One of them was from China, another was from Tahiti, and lastly one was from Syria.

The Syrian guy told us about the hardships he had endured throughout his stay in Syria before he migrated to Europe. I was aware of the Syrian war however; I was not well informed on the topic. Syria is facing its revolution, its fight against the domination of Ba’ath party. The Syrians have been battling the Ba’ath party since March of 2011.

The countless forms of brutality the Syrian guy endured were grotesque. Psychical and psychological trauma can be observed in his reclusive nature. He doesn’t speak English that well but can form small sentences which is enough for us to understand him. His native tongue is Hebrew.

He seeks shelter from Syria by his nation’s government, during the time of war, he is relocated.

Viewing the world from a different continent not only provides one with a sense of self, it also brings global acknowledgement to an entirely new level, with the people one encounters. All of our stories are different, but meaningful.

I am really grateful to have lived these past 4 months in Italy, embraced the culture, spoke the language and was welcomed openheartedly by the locals and visiting students. Attending John Cabot University has opened up my eyes to an entirely different echelon on the way the world functions. For this, it has been a remarkable success which could have only been given by John Cabot University.

Belinda Merceron
University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Study Abroad Fall 2012

Student Spotlight