Student Spotlight: Andrew Spero, Study Abroad Fall 2012

My experience studying abroad is the most eye opening experience I have ever had.

The academics at John Cabot University were not those characteristic of a typical study abroad school. The philosophy and business classes that I took have opened the gate to an entirely new way of thinking. It was truly a great and unique experience to study alongside serious full-time Italian students. The diversity of the classes is something that I had never experienced before.

An awesome aspect of being in Rome is the ability to walk to historic sites like the Pantheon and Colosseum just a few minutes after getting out of class. This experience has truly changed the way that I look at the world and the people in it. The opportunity to seriously pursue my studies while visiting countries like Germany, Switzerland, London, France, and England is one of a kind. I have always heard the clichés about how the world is so much bigger than I know, but actually getting to see all these different places and cultures makes you realize what a small part of the world I actually am!

This experience is something that I will have in mind the rest of my life. I would absolutely recommend this experience anybody seeking to broaden their horizons while traveling Europe!

Andrew Spero
St. Anselm College
Financial Economics Major
Study Abroad Fall 2012

Student Spotlight