Student Spotlight: Rajesh Francesco Cecchini, Class of 2019

jcu student spotlight, international students in Rome, Jcu class of 2019My name is Rajesh Francesco Cecchini and I am a sophomore here at John Cabot University. My parents are Italian, and I grew up here. Because of their work, we moved to different places such as North Africa and the United States of America. In 2011, my parents’ job transferred us to Maryland, USA.  That’s where I finished high school and started university at Montgomery College.jcu student spotlight, international students in Rome, Jcu class of 2019

In 2015, my parents were transferred back to Italy, so I decided to follow them. I knew we were coming to live in Rome so I started searching for options I could transfer to. Of course there were a couple of opportunities to choose from, but John Cabot was the one that caught my attention. Actually, it was the only university I applied to, and luckily I got accepted. I have always been passionate about politics, humanistic studies, and culture so I saw a great opportunity with the International Affairs major offered at JCU. I thought it was a great opportunity, because this is what I want to do with my professional career.jcu student spotlight, international students in Rome, Jcu class of 2019

As I mentioned, I started university in Maryland, and it was great; I loved it. Because of my family’s relocation I had to come here, and I believe it is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Transitioning from an American university in the US to an American university in Rome was not so difficult, but still I had to get used to a different lifestyle and different people. I left my comfort zone, familiar places, and my friends when I came here, but it was all positive. My experience started in a very positive way because I immediately clicked and connected with the students here during Orientation. Soon after the first week, I was already attending student organizations meetings and making more and more friends!

John Cabot also gives you the opportunity to network in all kinds of workshops, talks, and conferences by amazing business people, authors, diplomats, and professionals from different fields. We should definitely take advantage of this! Hopefully this networking will later help me – and all of us! – make connections in Italy and other European countries for graduate schools and opportunities for internships and jobs. I have been studying here for one semester so far, and I love it!

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International  Business Major

Class of 2017

Hometown: Reynosa, Mexico

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