Study Abroad Spotlight: Nina D’Agostino, Fall 2019

My name is Nina D’Agostino. I am from Connecticut, and I am a Psychology major studying at the University of Hartford in Connecticut, set to graduate in May 2022. I studied abroad at John Cabot University in Fall 2019, and it was by far the best decision I have ever made. I chose to study abroad in Rome because I had been there before and fell head over heels in love with the city. Between the people, the food, and the culture, it felt like home from the first time I visited. I chose John Cabot University because it offered so many possibilities for classes: It had many in my major that I needed to take to graduate, but it also offered so many other classes that caught my interest.

Professors and Mentors

Nina D'Agostino

My experience at JCU was beyond just academically beneficial. My professors were so helpful–not only with academics but with advice for living in Rome. They offered suggestions of grocery stores, restaurants, and advice on how to live like a local rather than a tourist. Some of the best places I ate were from my professors’ recommendations! The professors are very aware of the fact that for most students, the entire experience is out of their comfort zones, and they are willing to help in any way possible to ease the transition and assist you in having the best semester, both academically and culturally. The professors expect the best of you academically and are always willing to assist you with the material outside of class, and are always available by email.

Life on Campus

The student body at JCU feels very much like a community. Degree-seeking students who live locally are willing to help study abroad students coming from all over, and international students build a bond quickly and relate to the fact they are far away from home. The student body overall is very supportive of each other.

Making friends at JCU was the best part. I now have friends from all over the world, and I am in touch with them on a weekly basis! I lived with seven other girls from the United States, and we had the best time! We walked to campus together every day and traveled together every weekend. We took cooking classes and went on some JCU sponsored trips, which were a great way to see more of the country and experience more of the culture.

What Studying Abroad Taught Me

My biggest takeaway from studying abroad was to experience life more and to not be afraid to immerse myself in a new situation. Everyday walking to class, we smelled new smells, listened to street performers, and heard people speaking the beautiful Italian language. I learned so much about Italian culture by living in it. I ate so much food I wouldn’t normally try and ended up loving. Not being afraid to step out of my comfort zone is something I brought back home with me and have experienced so many new things back at home since.

For anyone considering studying abroad at JCU, I would highly recommend it! I learned so much in all of my classes and made lifelong friends. My professors that I had in Rome became some of my favorite educators I ever learned from. The faculty, staff, student ambassadors, and professors are the most supportive group of people, willing to help you with anything!

Nina D'Agostino


Nina D’Agostino
Psychology Major
University of Hartford, Connecticut – Study Abroad Fall 2019
Hometown: Coventry, Connecticut


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