Student Spotlight: Ngonidzashe Taruvinga, Class of 2018

Low A-Level Results? It’s Not the End of The World

Knowledge is power. We have often heard of that statement. Well, it is very true. The more you attain a certain type of education, the more valuable knowledge you acquire on that particular field you are interested in. Education is very important as it may determine one’s career in the future, but these days most people are unsure of whether they will obtain the best quality of an education to enhance their knowledge because of low O-Level or A-Level results.

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Ngoni’s original article published in the Zimbabwean newspaper, the Sunday Mail.

I had always dreamt of going to university and studying towards a Law degree. However, at some point that dream was shattered due to my low A-level results. I applied to some universities individually, which strained and stressed me out during my gap year, and I thought to myself that this was the end of my career. Unknowingly, there was a better way to apply and actually be enrolled for a program in one of the universities I wanted to study at. I did my research and stumbled upon AfriEdge Educational Consultancy, a university recruitment agency in Harare that helps anyone who plans to study abroad. They helped me prepare my application to John Cabot University, where I am currently pursuing a degree in Communications.

Studying abroad is an option which an individual may consider to pursue an undergraduate program which cannot be obtained in his/her country because of low grade marks, such as an Associate’s Degree in Automotive Maintenance Technology. Some local universities would require a higher grade mark or Grade Point Average (GPA) for such particular programs, disregarding the student’s other qualifications. A number of universities abroad offer students a program path that has to be completed in order to qualify for the desired degree program, which actually gives the student exceptional skills and great knowledge.

In order to study abroad, one must determine the type of program(s) to study, and then gather the appropriate information about the university, country and its cultures, and how to obtain the visas and study permits. A large number of universities abroad now offer programs in the English language, or a student may be required to learn the local language during their first year. It is advisable to have that information before you even apply for a university program.

Not everyone is privileged to attain high grade results, maybe because his or her learning conditions were not conducive or because of family matters or financial problems during high school. Howbeit I am not implying that one should give excuses for failing. What is important is what one does after failing. It is vital that a person learns from his/her mistakes. Never giving up is a must, and it is important to do the best one can to move forward.

Ngonidzashe Taruvinga
Communications Major
JCU Class of 2018
Hometown: Harare, Zimbabwe




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