Student Spotlight: Nadezhda Vanukova

Nadezhda Vanukova, a 21-year old senior from Belarus, majoring in Сommunications and minoring in Marketing, shared her thoughts and reflections about her academic experience with Daria Shulepova, JCU current student.

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1. Nadya, now that you are a senior here at John Cabot University, graduating in spring 2014, could you please share your story about your overall college experience?

To begin with, I have to say that I will miss John Cabot. I will miss my professors, I will miss my friends, I will miss my residence room, I will miss every aspect of my university life.

My family and I were searching for a liberal arts university in Europe. The very first moment I entered John Cabot, I felt that this was the place where I should be.

I fell in love with the Roman sun, with friendly people, with gelato (Italian ice cream), with diverse professors and everything that surrounded me.

Three years spent at John Cabot changed me. I became a better person. I learned to be more tolerant toward other people, I started getting A’s, I learned how to be an honest friend, and I finally felt passionate about my area of study.

2.      Why did you choose Communications after you transferred to John Cabot? 

By the time I decided to study Communications, I had already changed my major twice. During my first two years at the University, I tried Business Administration and English Literature, but I was still not sure of being on the right track. When I decided to change my major to Communications, I just wanted to try a completely different sphere. I was thinking about Communications as a very narrow field of study that focuses on business communication and business interaction. However, Communications is the study of audience, film techniques, ideological media influences, cultural resistance, and multicultural interactions. Communications teaches people to become literate media readers and it is extremely important, as today’s world is full of useless and sometimes even dangerous media messages. We have to learn how to filter information. Studying Communications at John Cabot not only requires reading a great number of critical theories, but also it enables students to try video production and scriptwriting. In other words, Communications is FUN!

So, considering the fact that this is my last year at John Cabot University, I have to admit that now, I am finally confident and passionate about my chosen major.

3.      It’s your fourth semester here living in Gianicolo Residence. What’s kept you there so long?

First of all, living at the Residence is convenient! It takes me only four minutes to get to Guarini Campus, and ten minutes to get to Tiber. Rooms at the Residence are equipped with air conditioning, Wireless Internet connection, and hot water. Upon arrival, students are even given bed sheets and pillows, to my way of thinking, it is extremely convenient, as we don’t have to buy these things.

Secondly, living at the Residence means socializing with people from different cultures. It is not a fact that you would be friends with everyone who shares a room with you, but it is a great chance to learn how to communicate and how to behave with others. Living at the Residence never makes you feel lonely or alienated from the community.

And finally, I have been living in the same apartment for two years already. I got used to my room and to my cozy bed, so that every time I come back from classes I feel at home.

4.      What are you planning to do after you graduate? Is there a specific business field you want to enter?

I would be happy to work in the fields of Media Communications and Advertising.

5.      Describe in three words what John Cabot University is for you?

Experience, friendship, books. A lot of books to read.

6.      And, in the end, what would you advice to prospective students?

Be ready for changes and don’t be afraid to change. Study hard. Listen, learn, touch, taste, try everything. Don’t forget that we all come here to learn something new, not only in terms of classes, but also about other people, and certainly, about ourselves.

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