Student Spotlight: Michelle Moylan, JCU Class of 2015

I made the decision to transfer to John Cabot University my junior year of college. After visiting Rome and meeting with the John Cabot faculty I had no doubt that it was exactly where I wanted to finish my college career.

Promptly after moving into my apartment on Viale di Trastevere, I fell into my everyday routine. Getting a cappuccino at my favorite café, Pimm’s Good, lounging with friends at the countless delicious restaurants, and of course attending class. John Cabot provides a unique learning atmosphere where the teachers know their students, and the students are comfortable and willing to be involved in class discussions.

John cabot Student Spotlight, Michelle Moylan, JCU Class of 2015, study abroad in Rome, study abroad student experiencesLiving in Rome has provided me with the freedom to travel and explore the world, which has immensely shaped me as an individual. The simple accomplishments such as maneuvering your way around new cities, figuring out public transportation, and dealing with the various trials that accompany travel (missing your train, getting lost, etc.) all have made me a very independent and confident young woman.

Studying in Rome has given me an appreciation for all different types of people, cultures, food (I have had pasta di pesce and tiramisu that have literally brought tears of joy to my eyes), and has allowed me to form friendships with people all around the world. I am positive that after college, I will feel completely prepared to tackle the “real world” after becoming a well-rounded individual and being challenged academically at John Cabot University.

Michelle Moylan
Communications Major
JCU Class of 2015
Home State: California

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