Student Spotlight: Guido Iervolino, Class of 2016

market majors jcu, italian students at jcu, jcu student spotlight, studying in RomeMy name is Guido Iervolino. I’m 21, I was born and raised in Rome, and I am currently completing a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a minor in Communications from John Cabot University.

At the beginning of my studies I intended to focus on Economics, and because of this I started out with a schedule filled with courses involving Economics and Finance. After having taken a few courses however, I realized that Finance was not my passion, and so I decided to meet with a few different professors at John Cabot to talk about my future and what fields of study could possibly offer me a more suitable direction for my interests.

After having thought for some weeks, I decided to change my schedule from a strictly Economics and Finance focus to a more broad selection that gave me the chance to discover courses in Business and Marketing as well. After attending some of these courses that had been previously outside of my scope, I found an area of my studies that really opened my eyes and sparked my interests: Marketing. After this discovery I was certain in my decision to change my major to Marketing with a minor in Communications.

This minor lets me study in-depth the diverse cultures around the world; this helps me particularly as a marketer, because I need to be able to target a specific market and offer appropriate promotional strategies to diverse target segments of consumers.

John Cabot University offers a true learning experience; often we have guest speakers during our classes: for example, CEOs from successful businesses who come to tell us about their experiences, about their sector of the market, and how the world of business really works.

Professor Alessandro Signorini, the Head of the Marketing Department at John Cabot, offers his students the possibility to collaborate with a range of companies, giving the students the opportunity to start building their resumes directly from the majors jcu, italian students at jcu, jcu student spotlight, studying in Rome

But John Cabot University is not just about the time spent in class! There are many events organized every week, and major annual events organized off-campus, such as the Spring Fling or the Gala in the fall.

John Cabot offers countless opportunities to its students: the irreplaceable gift of a life-changing and unforgettable experience.

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