Student Spotlight: Fabio Cantoro, Class of 2016

My name is Fabio Cantoro, and I am a recent graduate of John Cabot University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

FabioCantoro1It has been more than three years since I first moved to Italy’s capital city from my hometown of Assisi, Italy. I have faced many challenges during my time in Rome, both due to university-related issues and job pressure. However, every evening, I found myself appreciating the city’s beautiful architecture and art during my motorbike ride across the city center to return home. This is what I love most about living in Rome: I can always rely on its great beauty to make my troubles fade away.

One of the biggest challenges I faced while studying at JCU was focusing on my school career consistently, while most of my friends were asking me to hang out and relax. It is not easy to concentrate when your friends are outside enjoying our beautiful city and you are probably the only one still sitting in the library. But in the end, these sacrifices were worth it.

FabioCantoro2I currently hold two internships in the fields of finance and strategy, with the companies YourCFO and Looking for Value. I will most likely continue working full-time with the company I like the most from December because most of the top international finance graduate programs require two years of work experience. I plan to continue my education, and that is why I have already started applying for master’s degrees in international finance and banking at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, London School of Economics, HEC Paris, and KOC University.

FabioCantoro3I just graduated last month and I was quite fortunate to find these two jobs through JCU’s Career Services Office. One employer wanted me full-time, while the other was looking for a part-time intern. I negotiated to get two part-time jobs to have the chance to get to know both companies.

John Cabot University gave me the opportunity to attend classes taught by professionals in my field, who shaped my mindset and taught me to aim high. JCU has also taught me that nothing comes for free, and that hard work will pay back in the end.

Fabio Cantoro, JCU ‘16
Business Administration major
Hometown: Assisi, Italy


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