Student Spotlight – Edoardo Braccini: A Pragmatic Approach to Learning is a Sure Preparation for the Job Market

jcu direct exchange program, jcu student spotlight, study in italy, study abroad, Edoardo BracciniMy name is Edoardo Braccini, and I graduated in Business Administration at John Cabot in May 2014. After my graduation, I decided to continue my academic career at the University of Nottingham with a Master’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. I am currently employed at Deloitte in Rome.

Looking back, two specific aspects of John Cabot’s education have been especially valuable to me: the practical approach to learning and the analysis of real business cases, and the international environment.

A pragmatic approach is used in every single course. This, plus the constant use of business case studies helped me really comprehend the content of the subjects I was studying. Indeed, this approach allows a student to bring the real world into the classroom. This, plus the small classes and each student’s great involvement in group projects, adds to the general idea that education is all about learning how to apply knowledge to the real world. This really helps prepare a student for a future career.

The international environment, thanks to the great number of students from many different countries (foreign students who have chosen to study at JCU for their whole undergraduate career or exchange students who are there for a semester), has taught me the importance of interacting with people from different cultures. I learned how to respect those who are different from me and how to present an idea differently to someone who comes from a different background.

My international exposure wasn’t just on campus: thanks to JCU’s Direct Exchange Program, I was able to study at the University of Miami in Florida for a semester. It was an opportunity which enriched me all around: I became a stronger student, improved my method of study and came across students from very diverse backgrounds. Furthermore, that was the first time I lived abroad, away from my hometown and my family, and that was very enriching.

During my studies at JCU I became interested in Operations Management, a compulsory course for the major in Business Administration. This led me to pursue a Master’s course at the University of Nottingham, in the UK, in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

My international degree at JCU, along with my postgraduate studies, prepared me for the job market, and I am now employed in one of the most important firms in the professional services business, Deloitte.


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Edoardo Braccini

Class of 2014

Major: Business Administration


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