Student Spotlight: Brian Pollock, Study Abroad Fall 2013

I head about JCU through my own personal research. I’m a Classics minor and New York University does not offer classics abroad anywhere. I wanted to focus on my minor when I was abroad, so I looked into schools in Italy and JCU had the best options. I wanted to be in Rome and JCU had a variety of Classics courses I could take. I also wanted to learn a new language, and did not want to study in an English speaking country.

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I was mostly excited about living in the place where all of the history that I would be studying happened.  My favorite part of studying in Rome was exploring all of the different parts of the city. I discovered how multi-layered and multifaceted it is; there is just so much to do, a surprise around every corner. “Rome is like a box of chocolates.”

I would advise future study abroad students to take an on-site class. And particularly, I would urge them to not only get to know the neighborhoods surrounding JCU, but to explore all areas of Rome. Get farther than the Colosseum- the city is so big and every part is so different, but it is all worth exploring. Travel, but not so much that you forget about Rome.

After I graduate, I plan on moving back to Europe, probably Italy. I would like to be working in theater and travel for both work and pleasure. As for now, I am going with the flow.

Brian Pollock
New York University
Theater Major, Classics Minor
Study Abroad Fall 2013

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