Student Ambassador: Letizia La Sorte, Class of 2021

My name is Letizia Daniela Francesca La Sorte Savioli, and from my name, you probably already guessed that I am Italian. Born in Palermo, Sicily, I am a degree-seeking student at John Cabot University double-majoring in International Affairs and Communications with a minor in Psychology. From the very first moment I stepped foot on campus, I knew that my life would never be the same. I could not be happier or more proud of what I have achieved already during my first year of university.

First of all, making great friends has never been easier. I meet so many people at JCU from all over the world and get to learn about their cultures. I study with friends that have completely different approaches to subjects than I do because of the different education systems we come from. And most importantly, I have the pleasure of making new memories with my classmates that are truly unforgettable.

Pursuing two majors plus a minor can be challenging at times, but at John Cabot University, there is always someone to help when you need a hand. For example, I am not very good at math, and because JCU is an American liberal arts university, I had to take a math course. I was nervous, but the first day of class, my professor told me about the University’s Math Tutoring Center, where students like me that do not feel comfortable in the subject can go for extra support.

Your professors at JCU are there to support you, too. Some professors, like Marco Palmieri, make you passionate about new subjects you never considered before. I really enjoyed learning about the applications of semiotics in his class Introduction to Visual Communication. Other professors, like Ben Scribner, open up your mind to the ways we can overcome cultural barriers and differences. There were several readings in his class Intercultural Communications that actually overlapped with readings from my International Affairs classes.

My advice to future John Cabot students is to get involved as much as possible. Engage in student life and catch every possibility from the Center for Career Services. I am currently working with the Admissions Office as a Student Ambassador, and I find it very helpful for my future career since I am constantly in contact with people from around the world.

Letizia La Sorte
Class of 2021
International Affairs and Communications Major
Hometown: Palermo, Italy

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