Student Spotlight: Francesca Passudetti, International Business Major

My name is Francesca Passudetti and I am a Junior at John Cabot University. I am currently studying International Business with a minor in International Affairs. I come from Friuli, a small region in the northeastern corner of Italy and, although my genes are 100% Italian, my heart has always desired to be more international.

During my high school years at the Liceo Classico Europeo of Udine, I decided to study abroad in California for six months at the age of 16. This challenging experience has been determinant for my later choices. In fact, when I had to decide which University to attend, among all the Italian options I had taken into consideration, I chose John Cabot for several reasons.

Aware of the practical and successful approach of the American education experienced in high school, I found at John Cabot a positive environment, based on meritocracy and very close to the students’ needs. This university has opened my eyes and widened my horizons, opening the doors to a world that, in my imaginary, had always seemed intangible.

Last semester, for example, I had the chance to work at the Protocol Office of the American Embassy in Italy and now, thanks to the University’s Program of Direct Exchange, I am about to leave for South Korea. Among the numerous destinations all around the world, I chose Seoul because I am eager to experience and understand a culture that is so different from my own. Moreover, I would like to find out how a continent like Asia, where the social and economic spheres are developing at an incredible speed, perceives the Western world and its values.

I know this experience will be challenging, but I heard that Koreans are called “the Italians of Asia”. This will be a good occasion to verify such statement!

Francesca Passudetti
International Business Major
International Affairs minor

Student Spotlight