Student Spotlight: Daniela Movileanu, Class of 2019

Hello everybody! My name is Daniela Movileanu, I’m 20, and this is my second semester at John Cabot University. I was born in Romania, but I’ve been living in Italy since I was eight years old. After high school I was uncertain whether to study International Affairs or Philosophy, so I chose John Cabot University, where I can study both at the same time. I also liked the fact that the American system provides me with a practical approach to study, thanks to internship and research opportunities and the multicultural environment in the classroom.JCU student spotlight, JCU chess club, study abroad in Rome, John cabot university, university students

I am the Women’s Italian Chess Champion and this allowed me to get a fantastic Italian Merit scholarship at John Cabot. Here, extracurricular activities, together with academic performance, are very much valued.

John Cabot has fully met my expectations: professors here have an exceptional background and they are also very understanding. In fact, they allowed me to take part in a two-week-long international chess competition although attendance in class is mandatory, by allowing me to make up the missed work. Furthermore, they promptly reply to our e-mails and some of them are even available to answer questions outside of their office hours.

This semester, I started the JCU Chess Club with some friends and fellow chess-enthusiasts. Through my experience of starting this club, I’ve understood that John Cabot is like a big family, where professors, staff, and students help each other. The University supported me in bringing chess to its community, which shows me that here, students really do have a voice.

In a few words, John Cabot University allowed me to combine my three passions – International Affairs, Philosophy, and chess – thereby making my studies unique. To be honest, I cannot even imagine attending University anywhere else.

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