Student Spotlight – Angelo Cerqueti: My Study Abroad in Miami

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Hello everybody! Let me introduce myself, I’m Angelo Cerqueti, an International Affairs student at John Cabot. In spring 2015 I had the opportunity, through JCU’s Direct Exchange Program, to study at the University of Miami. UM is a prestigious private American university.  According to Forbes magazine, UM is among the top 115 private universities in America, and among the top 50 regarding university research studies.

UM costs are really prohibitive, we are talking of over $ 40,000 per semester. I repeat, per semester, excluding housing and food! Thanks to JCU’s Direct Exchange, however, the only fees I had to pay were my John Cabot fees (which not even remotely comparable to UM’s tuition and to that of any other excellent American university).

It was a fantastic experience. Academically, I took four courses:  intermediate macroeconomics, international organization, English literature (World Masterpieces), and Spanish. The preparation I received at JCU allows me to be on a par with students from the United States and from the rest of the world.

UM is very student-friendly, just like JCU. From day one, I was involved in university life and I had the possibility to take part to many activities and to get to know other students. In addition, the university provides free tickets for many events (football games, NBA, exhibitions, concerts). I went to see the basketball University team more than once as well as the Miami Heat, for free!

Angelo Cerqueti, JCU direct exchange program, jcu student spotlight, university of miami, study abroadThe UM campus is wonderful. Fantastic buildings, surrounded by green lawns, with a beautiful lake at the center. Just imagine that between one class and another I had time to swim in the olympic pool of the University! Not to mention the nightlife. Miami is very accessible and well connected especially thanks to the UM shuttle service.

In short, JCU offered me one of the biggest opportunity of my life: to study in America, in a prestigious university. In addition, doing it in Miami is something that I highly recommend. The amazing campus, university life, tropical climate, beauty of the city, and the many events that bring it to life will remain forever in my heart.

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