Student Spotlight – Andrea Foschi: My experience with JCU’s Summer Camp

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It was a hot day in June in the summer between my fourth and final year of high school. Rome was incredibly hot. I wasn’t totally convinced about enrolling in JCU’s Summer Camp, but I went, although the sun was luring me elsewhere. The first lesson was on June 17. Intense heat, ID cards, a campus tour, Shakespeare, Rhetoric, a few questions and lots of laughs. Great classmates and a brilliant professor. What a great start!

Two days later we commented on the gestures of a boy playing an ancient Chinese musical instrument, and then the intonation of a prime minister delivering a solemn speech. Then we started writing stories. The month went by as we talked, analyzed and wrote about everything. It was an intense experience and it enriched me. Halfway through I understood not only that attending the Summer Camp had been a good idea, but that I would do my university studies at John Cabot.

Now I am in my second year studying Economics and Finance at JCU and I think back to that course as a decisive step. It gave me a taste of the professors, the atmosphere, and the teaching approach. And it was enough to help me understand that I wanted to get to know the world while being surrounded by the beauty of Rome.

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