Student Spotlight: Kassym Kabylgali, Class of 2019

Privet! My name is Kassym and I am in my second year here at John Cabot University; I am majoring in Business Administration. I was born and raised in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and my goal was always to pursue an American university degree, but I had never realized that I could study the American way in one of the most beautiful countries in the world: Italy. This is the opportunity that John Cabot University is giving to its students. I chose to come to JCU because it offered the best value of all the options I looked at, and I am very happy with my decision!

The city of Rome is a unique place to live. The university is located right in the heart of Rome, the jcu students, jcu student spotlight, john cabot university, study abroad students in Romedistrict called Trastevere. Walking down the narrow streets of this neighborhood, you can feel all the Italian spirit that is described in different books and movies. From the university, you can reach the Vatican and the Colosseum in 20 minutes by foot. The local Romans are very friendly people. They know how to make the most of things, and this is something the world can learn from Italians. Living in the Eternal City is a unique experience.

I truly feel that the American system of education fits me personally. Each student chooses the classes that are most interesting to him during the semester (while of course making sure to fulfill the major requirements). The John Cabot staff makes everything as smooth as possible for the students. As a student, you just need to make an effort, study hard, and focus on your academic work.

Another thing I like is that we have classes four days a week (Monday-Thursday). You can spend the other three days however you’d like: exploring Rome (this city always has something new for you), traveling (it is Europe, after all – it’s not usually too expensive to travel throughout Europe), going out with friends (Rome offers a great choice of cultural things to do and nightlife), or studying at home or at the JCU library (especially before midterms and finals).

jcu students, jcu student spotlight, john cabot university, study abroad students in RomeWhen I was in high school, I would always imagine lectures at college taking place in a large classroom like a concert hall, with more than 100 students packed into it. I was glad to discover that the classes at John Cabot are not like that. There are small- or medium-sized classrooms, with about 15 students in each class. The majority of the classes consider group projects as a big portion of the final grade, which is an excellent opportunity to get to know your classmates from around the world. Whenever a student needs help, the professors are always available. All of the professors that I have had for my classes in these three semesters are truly passionate about the topics that they are teaching, which really draws the students into the lessons. Another thing that makes this university special is that the professors do not see you as “just another student”, but as a young scholar with whom it is interesting to talk.

There is only one thing that I miss here in Rome: the snow during the winter, which we had plenty of in Kazakhstan! Overall, my experience in Rome has been really amazing so far. I like the university, its professors, and the students who come from all over the world to achieve their best. John Cabot has changed the way I think in terms of a multicultural and progressive world. I don’t know what is awaiting me in the future, but I am sure that my college years will always be a good memory, and that my experience here will take me far.

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Kassym Kabylgali
Class of 2019
Business Administration Major
Hometown: Almaty, Kazakhstan

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