Student Spotlight: Bethany Anne Miller, Class of 2019

vatican, tourists in Rome, jcu student spotlight, international students in Rome, john cabot university, studying abroad in Rome, british students in Rome As far as JCU goes, I am a rare type of student. I am utterly rare compared to my fellow degree seekers, and even the visiting students are a little confused about me too. Oddly, I enjoy being rare; it’s certainly distinguishing. My name is Bethany, and I am a John Cabot University degree seeker majoring in Classical Studies . . . and I am from England.

Now, I realise already that the Classical Studies major is a major of myths — pun intended — and we classicists don’t mind being a smaller group compared to the business and communications majors. I can proudly tell you how much I love my degree in fact, I’ve written papers on how much I love it! It’s a degree to fall in love with; the select few of us who chose to tumble into the world of the Ancients will all tell you the same. Classical Studies is not a common course to pick for your undergraduate degree, even where I am from.

tourists in Rome, jcu student spotlight, international students in Rome, john cabot university, studying abroad in Rome, british students in Rome, roman forum So yes, I am British. Two rare categories to put me in now. Given that the few of us Brits at JCU seem to have some tie to the history department, I can confidently say that we’ve chosen John Cabot University in part because it’s situated in the very special city of Rome, to enhance our study of the Ancients.

An American liberal arts degree is something we in England consider a lot more difficult, but we don’t like to admit it. It remains intentionally broad and offers you the chance to study a wide variety of topics across different fields. British universities offer many majors, yes, but in the three years you study there, you study that core major alone. It does sound easier, I understand, and while the classes are year-long instead of semester-long, it does guarantee more in-depth content and time to go over each topic. Still, it neglects the opportunity to continue other classes too like maths, or literature. This is why I chose John Cabot.

Currently a sophomore, I have not only been given crazy opportunities to learn about Ancient Rome while being here, but also been able to pick up other interesting classes, such as sociology and photojournalism. Here I am continuing my interests and passions and it’s credited toward my degree! John Cabot University has allowed me to continue studying without the restrictions British university would have enforced on me.

So while I may be a little rare, I am well accepted and in good company here at JCU. Completely multi-cultural and extraordinarily diverse, I promise you a world of culture in one place.


Bethany Anne Miller

Classical Studies Major

Class of 2019

Shrewsbury, England

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