ENLUS Spotlight: Andre-Marie Tabarnac

Dreams do come true.

Since I was seven years old, I have visited Rome at least once a year.

Rome is unlike any other city. To me, it is like an open-air museum or a big fancy living room that should only be crossed carefully, on tiptoes. I think that for someone who has never seen Rome before, it is hard to believe how beautiful life can be.

I have always wanted to spend more time in this amazing city and to live a beautiful life surrounded by art and joy.

Last Christmas, while I was with my family in Rome, I decided that I would like to study there. My mother told me about John Cabot University and suggested that I visit the campus and find out more about it. Once I got on campus, I realized that I was in the perfect place. I loved the idea of spending my next four years here.  Everybody there was very nice and friendly. They told me all about the university and gave me a tour of the buildings so I could admire the beautiful architecture. John Cabot is in the heart of Rome, where you are surrounded by art and history, the two things that I love most.

So besides the fact that it’s in the most beautiful city in the world, why did I choose John Cabot University? Because studying at JCU is an opportunity to discover myself while gaining an understanding of different cultures. I also believe that studying at John Cabot will encourage and nurture my independence.

I am an artist. I dream. I keep dreaming about opening the minds of the people around me.

I have decided that once I complete the ENLUS program and enroll in the university, I will study Art History. I believe that emerging myself in the history of art will be nourishment for my mind and my soul, giving me the knowledge and the courage to keep dreaming and to change the world. I can’t wait to start my adventure at John Cabot University!

Andre Marie Tabarnac
Andre-Marie Tabarnac
ENLUS Fall 2017
Hometown: Piatra Neamt, Romania

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