Alumni Spotlight: Michelle Imperiale, Class of 2015

jcu alumni, jcu class of 2015, study abroad in Rome, My name is Michelle Imperiale. I graduated in International Business with a minor in Italian Studies in May 2015. Since graduating, I have moved back to New Jersey and immediately started working in New York City, where I am currently Product Development Manager for skyn ICELAND, an international skincare company.

My role is very complex and my responsibilities range from new product concepts to full execution and handling of the international compliance regulations for the products. The various classes I took at John Cabot University, especially International Marketing, Business Communications, Advertising, Public Relations, Operations Management, and Italian, have given me a well-rounded foundation to enter the workplace immediately after graduation.

jcu alumni, jcu class of 2015, study abroad in Rome, skyn iceland, new york fashion week

Michelle Imperiale assisting skyn ICELAND with New York Fashion Week.

The faculty at John Cabot University has been tremendously influential in my personal and professional life. Professors Antonella Salvatore, Silvia Pulino, and Michele Favorite are a few that I would like to acknowledge for pushing me to enjoy a challenge, and ultimately become a more independent individual through their notoriously challenging courses. The knowledge I gained from testing myself under their guidance has thoroughly prepared me to excel in my current position with skyn ICELAND.

One of my Italian Studies professors, Professor Isabella Clough Marinaro, has been a huge influence and support during my four years as a student, along with JCU’s wonderful counseling services: these dedicated counselors helped me through some tough situations while living abroad. More importantly, they gave me the tools necessary to adapt to various situations and prepared me to transition back to living in the USA (a very difficult choice for me).

Overall, the rigorous courses I attended, the personal connections I made with my various professors, and the impact these educators had on my personal and educational well-being have made a lasting impression on my life. Moving to Rome to attend JCU while living and growing independently in an environment that was so drastically different from my home has undoubtedly shaped me into the person I am today. I could not have asked for a better undergraduate experience and truly treasure the lessons learned, memories made, and friendships created here.

Michelle Imperiale, jcu alumni, jcu class of 2015, study abroad in Rome,

Attending John Cabot University for four years was one of the best choices I’ve made in my life; it has shaped me in ways I could never have imagined. Throughout my time at JCU I was enriched culturally not only because I was living in a foreign country, but also because of the educators, friends, and classmates I met here. John Cabot students are truly unique in that we adapt to our situation no matter where in the world we are. We have all had the opportunity to call one of the greatest
cities in the world “home,” and that bond is something that allows friendships to thrive internationally.

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