Alumni Spotlight: Angelica Servan Mercatali, Class of 2016

It’s been almost two years since I graduated from John Cabot University with a BA in Marketing, and I miss it every single day.

John Cabot offers a unique, multicultural, stimulating, and fun environment. The students are pushed to think outside the box and to join the professional world immediately, which is a very different mentality than you would find in the Italian university system.

The Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at John Cabot has a very hands-on approach, thanks to the numerous projects and presentations required for the classes. I overcame my fear of speaking in public, I learned how to work in a team effectively, and I took part in different projects that prepared me to face the world of work that was awaiting me after graduation.

I owe a lot of my professional achievements to John Cabot. In fact, at the moment I am working in London as a marketing intern at Bluebella, a lingerie brand. When they called me for the interview, they told me that one of the reasons I was selected was because they found my cover letter unique and well-written.

I can only thank Professor Favorite and her Business Communication class for this. In the competitive world we live in nowadays, standing out from the crowd become essential, and Professor Favorite taught me to do it by writing a winning cover letter and resume.

I may never have been called for this job if I hadn’t written such a unique cover letter. In my current position I manage the corporate social accounts, especially Twitter, and I help in preparing trade shows and photo shoots. For example, last week I took part in a photo shoot for a new campaign that will be launched in mid-March. I cannot give you the details because it has not been released yet, but if you’re curious, follow Bluebella’s Instagram account and find out more!

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Angelica Servan Mercatali
Class of 2016
Major in Marketing
Hometown: Rome

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