Alumni Spotlight: Mario Vau, JCU Class of 1997

John Cabot University during the time I attended (1993-1997) had already built up a name for itself as a reputable and excellent liberal arts college, which not only issued a variety of degrees, but also was a host campus to many different students from around the world on overseas programs.

Since graduating I have kept in touch with fellow alumni, faculty, and staff, and it has been a pleasant and encouraging surprise to see the growth in not only the campus, the academic programs, and the facilities since my time there, but also the extent which American and other international students (like myself) can immerse themselves in this Italian experience right in the middle of la Città Eterna.

For Italian students, I know from friends, that JCU has been a solid stepping stone, in which they would eventually continue their education in other top institutes around the world. I have also known since then, other Indonesian or part-Indonesian alumni that have decided to make JCU a part of that important step in widening one’s perspective, through not just an education, but an early start at becoming a global citizen.

PIC MVMario Vau
Director, AngloINFO Jakarta
JCU Class of 1997

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