Why Study History at John Cabot University

There is so much we can learn from the past, whether it’s considering the triumphs of humanity and the hardships we’ve overcome, or the mistakes that we vow to never make again. History teaches a lot about ourselves and where we’re going. A degree in history is more than just learning about what’s happened in the past, though. It’s a window into different cultures, societal values, traditions, languages, and perspectives that help inform us of the vast nature of humanity. It’s a glimpse into what makes the world so diverse and interesting.

Rome and Mediterranean Europe

Since John Cabot University is an American university in Italy, our Bachelor of Arts in History program is a great opportunity to study not only American history, but also the history of Italy and Mediterranean Europe. Rome is one of the most culturally rich cities in the world, and the history of the once mighty empire is fascinatingly intricate. One of the most interesting aspects of John Cabot University’s Bachelor of Arts in History program is the focus on the history of globalization, how the world’s trade routes and country alliances have been formed over the years, and how that has informed our modern global political climate.

Opportunities for Specialization

Besides taking courses that are required by the program’s core curriculum, international students in Italy are able to take major electives that allow them to specialize, whether it is in a particular civilization, era, area, or type of history. Some of the courses included in the core curriculum include Introduction to Western Civilization, the Long-term History of Globalization, Historical and Philosophical Aspects of the Italian Renaissance, and the Birth of Medieval Europe. Students can then begin to shape the path to their speciality by taking a wide range of interesting electives, culminating in a senior thesis.

The creativity and mental flexibility fostered by such an education, along with the communication and research skills learned along the way, are highly demanded in a variety of professional contexts such as museum work, public relations, marketing, publishing, and beyond.

History is All Around You

Studying in the heart of Rome means being immersed in one of the most historically rich cities in the world.  The History and Humanities department takes full advantage of the university’s location in order to promote a wide range of cultural activities for students, including lectures by first-class international scholars, international conferences in history, and field trips to museums and archaeological sites in Rome and beyond.  So if you’re fascinated by the past, John Cabot University offers a uniquely rewarding perspective.  Choosing to study abroad at John Cabot University means immersing yourself in the wonderful historical tapestry that is Rome.

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