Weekend Beach Trip with JCU Athletics: Sean Berger’s Experience

Sean Berger, a study abroad student from Pennsylvania, went on a JCU Athletics weekend trip to the beach.

I decided to go on the John CWeekend Beach Trip with JCU Athletics, Sean Berger, study abroad in Rome, American university in Italy, weekend trips for study abroad students, study in Italyabot University Beach Trip because I wanted to make some new friends, try activities I can’t back home and to have a good time. The trip was all that and so much more. I paddle-boarded, sailed, visited a nature reserve, went to a beach party, had amazing food cooked by Chef Alessandro and finished the night off with fireworks and the sound of the waves crashing. The trip was a once and a lifetime opportunity, and I would highly recommend anyone who is even slightly considering it to go! Marco and Alessandro, the trip leaders and Athletics staff, truly did an amazing job with setting everything up and making sure we were busy with activities the whole time. I will definitely remember the JCU Beach trip for the rest of my life.


Sean Berger
JCU Study Abroad Fall 2013
Wheeling Jesuit University

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