Walking Tour dedicated to Nikolay Gogol

On a sunny March day, the JCU Russian-speaking club organized a free walking tour around Rome dedicated to one of the most influential Russian-Ukrainian writers, Nikolay Vasilievich Gogol. Students visited some of the writer’s favorite spots in the Eternal City. You can read an article about Gogol’s life in Rome on our blog!12499422_1823300887897368_979396101_o

First of all, students visited Antico Caffè Greco, located on Via dei Condotti, close to the Spanish Steps. It was one of Gogol’s favorite places to drink coffee and write his stories. On one of the cafe’s walls, visitors can see a copy of the author’s letter to his friend Pletnev, in which he describes his love for Italy and Russia.


The next stop was Gogol’s apartments on Via Sistina where he lived between 1838 and 1842, and where he wrote some of his masterpieces, including the novels Taras Bulba and Dead Souls.

Lastly, the group headed to Villa Borghese to see the statue of Gogol in the heart o12421517_968196846569145_106429813_nf the park. Some were surprised to see the memorial dedicated to the writer in the main city park.

Overall, our tour was informative, interesting and entertaining!


Have any famous writers from your own home country ever visited Rome? Find out while studying at John Cabot University!

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Anastasiia Komarova
Communications Major
Class of 2018
Hometown: Moscow, Russia


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