Transylvanian Travels: Sighișoara, Romania

Students at John Cabot University come from all over the globe. Such a wide variety of cultural backgrounds often means some very odd travels, visits, and stays in some of the world’s most obscure destinations. For me, however this meant a very interesting trip to a place that is probably not “normal” to most people. About a month ago when visiting my parents in Bulgaria over winter break, my family and I decided to drive 9 hours to a city which seemed odd to me at the time but actually turned out to be one of the most fascinating and breath-taking places I’ve ever seen: Sighisoara, Romania.

Located in the historic region of Transylvania, Sighisoara is the birthplace of Vlad Tepis,or better known as the inspiration for the fictional vampire: Count Dracula.


Walking through the quaint and eerie streets of the village, I could truly feel a historic presence, one different from the one we are all used to feeling here in Rome. The old, yet restored clock-towers; the castle on the hill; the abandoned graveyards; and the winding cobblestone streets emerging from the fog truly set a scene perfect for a fairy-tale.


“This can’t be real life,” I thought to myself when I woke up to the sound of roosters crowing and looked out my window only to see smoke on the mountains and endless old brick rooftops. I have lived in and seen many cities around the world, both historic and modern, but never had I felt like I was in a picture straight from an old story book full of fairy-tales, folk stories, and fables.

This tiny town of only about 3 square miles (7 KM) has been inhabited since the 6th century BC and has a lot to discover, including the city’s clock tower which today is a museum of history, the historic city center, the weapon museum, the birthplace of Vlad (Dracula), the covered staircase leading on a hill and a cemetery, and more.

So take a little time off from seeing the world’s most famous and metropolitan cities…yes I still think you should see London, Paris, and of course Rome….but why not visit one of the most unique places ever and tell people you have been to Sighisoara, Romania?

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